K-On!! 16: One girl doing cute stuff with the four other girls

Episode 16 seems to be one where Azusa gets to spend a little alone time with each of the members. In a way, it’s an episode where we watch cute girls do cute stuff rather then any actual plot to this episode. However, it’s also fits very well, as Azusa, not being a senior, is an outsider among the girls, and this episode allows her to get closer with each of them.

When Mugi spends time with Azusa, we learn that Mugi has been playing the piano for a long time, and that she still practices daily. That is dedication! She also apparently sneaks food, but then who doesn’t?

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Mio and Azusa was pretty boring, with some real discussion about the light music club. I mean, it’s good to have some people who actually focus on the club and all, but it’s not interesting to watch to them talk about it. I felt bad for Azusa, and the fact that she ended up not getting to practice at all that day though.

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A quality animation moment

They instead go to Ristu’s house. The brother’s response to the girl just showing up on the doorstep was pretty funny. Much to my surprise, Ritsu can cook! I was not expecting that. This ended up being the Ritsu segment of the show. I really like this development of her character. I didn’t like Ritsu much is season one, but my opinion is changing over these past few episodes.

Last but not least were Yui and Azusa, and those she always have the best dynamics. They clean the tank, look was Mugi’s song, and then Yui helps Azusa with her identity crisis in a very simple way out of left field sort of way.

After watching this episode, I’m tempting to take stickers to college to cover the dorm room with…oh Yui, you’re a bad influence.  Overall, I like this episode more then I usually like the cute girls doing cute stuff episodes. It took awhile to watch it though as I didn’t find it that compelling, although very cute.

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4 Replies to “K-On!! 16: One girl doing cute stuff with the four other girls”

  1. Yui is like a child lol
    Ui should be my sister…
    woot <.<

    *correction Ui should be the elder one ^^

    also loved the part where tsumugi tried playing guitar!

  2. It would be quite funny to see someone like Yui in college… or maybe not if you have her as your in your group… fffff…

    I still prefer Ui over Yui… she is way more mature and knows how to cook.

  3. Much to my surprise, Ritsu can cook! I was not expecting that.

    It was pretty surprising for me as well. Perhaps she would cook for her little brother if their dad were not home (or rather, that’s how I see it. Not sure if Ritsu ever mentioned her mother)… Hmmm, now that I think about it, Ritsu’s tomboyish manner would make sense if she were the only girl in the house. Interesting indeed! *nod nod*

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