K-On!! 17: The Wandering Musicians

The grand premise of this episode is that right in the middle of crunch time the girls suddenly find themselves without a music room! Oh no! What will they ever do? This is actually a legitimate concern, as music practice tends to not be a quiet affair, so finding places to practice is not that easy. We’ll see what happens.

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The girls and Sawako go on a fruitless search with the girls trying the classroom and gym before giving up, as each on doesn’t meet their needs. The idea of a studio pops up, and luckily they have the money for it. I won’t question how they have the money—probably from the guitar sale so early in the series, but just accept the fact they do, and that their problem is solved.

k-on, rabbitpoets
Poor guy

I laughed quite a bit at the girl’s responses to the large mirror just for it being spot on. I’m not the most girly girl but whenever I see a mirror, I always have to primp a little. Eh heh heh.

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Unfortunately, they get caught up in drinking tea and working on lyrics, and don’t end up practicing at all in the studio. At least they did something productive. Although the studio did go to waste, I think it could have been worse.

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I wish showing your ID was that simple...

Luckily, construction work ends early, and much to the girls’ joy, they have their room back! They’re so happy that Yui surprisingly is the one who initiates the actual practice rather then Mio or Azusa. That’s…a big deal.

The episode ends with Ui’s getting sick, leading to Yui being inspired to write the lyrics that the group decides on. Now they’re all ready to go for the festival it seems.

k-on, rabbitpoets
I have a question? Why do they have a car? There seems to be no adult in the house, and neither Yui or Ui drive...

For the most part, I really liked this episode. It flowed very well. The only complaint I have is that Ui getting sick felt tacked on, as if it didn’t fit the rest of the episode. Maybe they tried to do too much in one episode?

Also, html on here is confusing me. Why are some of my images centering, and some aren’t? Will someone help a html dumb blogger please?

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