K-On 18: One last post before college

I had a blog post set up for episode 18 all ready to go, and made the mistake of going to bed without saving, hoping to post it in the morning. Of course Windows chose that night to do an update, restart, and wipe my entry. This is disappointing to me, especially as the plan was to have caught up to 21 before I went to college. Now it’s the night before I leave, and I’m rewriting 18.

Anyway, 18, Mio gets asked to play Romeo, Ritsu is suppose to play Juliet, as the class is apparently a bunch of hardcore Mio x Ritsu shippers. The two initially have some difficulty with their parts, but Ritsu gets over it, however Mio struggles with stage fright, blah blah blah.

This is Nightmare Fuel.

Who am I kidding? There’s only one part of this that anyone really cares about, well, if the general K-On watching population has the same weakness for maids that I do. Mugi’s idea to deal with Mio’s stage fright leads the girls to working at a maid café.

This is really one of the cutest scenes I’ve seen of the girls all season. The outfits look great on each and every one of the girls, and everything just seemed to fall in place to make the scene work with the different antics of the girls.

Mio honestly took the scene with her stage fright and nervousness, which somehow made her more entertaining. From hiding from serving, to fumbling to take an order, it was all adorable, although I felt bad for her.

Ritsu and Yui definitely had there fabulous moments with Ritsu’s smile, and Yui and her cheese pen.

Sadly, as quickly as the maid café came, it went, but I think it’ll easily be one of the non-musical highlights of the season.

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  1. Yui and her cheese pen.

    lol, I loved that scene! The maid scene was pretty good overall, especially Mio’s perfect smile afterwords. I wonder if she still has that ability despite Ritsu’s tune-up =3

    Good luck and have fun in college!

  2. Cheese pen was lol. Just watched this episode tonight actually, and glad you chose to rewrite after computer restart :\ (similar happened to me, but I while writing a letter… I was up until 4am reconstructing it ;;

    Cheers and have fun!

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