K-On!! 20 Here’s the Performance We’ve Been Waiting For

All right guys, it’s been 20 episodes of blogging, but here we are at the school festival! The school festival performances were some of my favorite parts of last seasons, I hope this is amazing as well! After all, you always save the last for best, right?

The Side Dish is the Whole Meal was absolutely adorable. Nothing amazing, but still a lot of fun. Seeing the rest of the school get into the song, it’s easy to see that the girls have come a very long way. U & I was a little more serious, and I felt was really touching.


rabbitpoets, k-on

This is probably the closest the show will ever get to producing a full out concert episode, and it did okay. To be my dream K-On episode, it’d need more music, but there was a lot else that was spot on. I think that the closest I could feel to actually being at a concert while watching at an anime. The caught the joy and euphoria of such events spot on.

rabbitpoets, k-on

Nothing prepared for the emotion ending, even with my boyfriend’s prior warning where the girls started crying, realizing that was their last concert. High school is such a hard thing to move on from. I’m in my third week of college, and still having dreams about saying goodbye to my high school friends. We still have six more episodes with the girls though. I’m not going to cry at the last episode. I swear!

I can’t evaluate this episode…I’m too busy still sniffling and trying not to cry…

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