K-ON! episode 6 – Nurses, Suzumikus, oh my

This week’s school festival performance certainly was no GOD KNOWS or LOST MY MUSIC. I’m really disappointed that we’re six episodes in and KyoAni keeps cutting out on the group as soon as they start playing. The music video was poorly done. Seriously, just show the girls playing their instruments. How do we know the K-ON club isn’t destined for a Behind-the-Music special as the next Milli Vanilli otherwise? Take that away, and I enjoyed most of the rest of the episode.


I’ll leave the fashion critiquing to the experts, but Sawako’s designs for the K-ON group looked fantastic. No pregnant dresses, no mismatched earrings. I love Yui’s shirt and Mio’s bonnet and all the gothic accents.


Yui and Ritsu are such a good team. It’s hilarious when they’re on the same wavelength. Usually, the hyperactive tomboy of the group stands out on her own, but I’m glad that KyoAni’s done a good job getting Yui x Ritsu on the same wavelength. It’s a different dynamic than Kagamin x Konata, but works just as well. And it’s better than leaving the tomboy out on her own (e.g., Hyakko, Ichigo Mashimaro).

I’m coming to love Aki Toyosaki. Hearing her Yui-speak with the missing voice tone, and also singing backup with that voice was great. It cracked me up everytime I heard her scratchy voice backing up Mio during the concert performance.


I mentioned this above, but the legend of Sawako no doubt will continue to grow with her unbelievable designer skills. And lol @ her penchant for fetishes. Nurses and suzumikus, oh my. It’s a shame Mio didn’t take on Sawako’s offer to turn her into someone completely unrecognizable. I hope they resurrect that scene for the DVD.


KyoAni’s moe Mio extreme push continues. And while I’ve grown a little tired of her scaredy cat routine, seeing chibi Mio in flashback form was just too cute. Not that my resistance powers are strong to begin with, but chibi Mio is just impossible to resist. Damn KyoAni! Just when you think they couldn’t push moe any further, they uncover some new button to push that takes it to the next level.


4koma gags notwithstanding, the episode was otherwise pretty straightforward, with everyone partaking in the school festival and then preparing for their performance. Unfortunately, like I mentioned, the above 2 screenshots which cover about 5 seconds of animation was the only time we actually got to see the girls play, before they went on to the ridiculous and boring music video. Is KyoAni being lazy (or just crazy)? Or are they trying to fit everything in with a really limited budget? It’s just very disappointing that a show about a band has had so few scenes with the group actually playing music.


The performance goes well, and even Mio holds herself together. And just when they get ready to leave the stage. *BAM* Disaster strikes! I don’t know how Mio ended up perpendicular to the crowd as it looked like she fell parallel to the stage edge, but lol @ the one opportunist who had enough presence of mind to snap a picture. Clearly this episode will be hugely popular once the widescreen version airs. As it is, the puffed up dress just makes it look like Mio has a big butt.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode, because I love the characters. But the incredibly lame cop-out during the school festival performance left a sour taste in my mouth. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see them play before the inevitable Budakan performance. Am I asking too much?

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  1. Haha, I don’t watch K-on but I felt the whole falling down -> Rice bowl was pretty funny. I think the 4koma actually showed her pantsu though!!

  2. Anyone knows what is the music video reference? Like some clip of the 70s, or even a movie scene?
    This seemed like Thelma & Louise but the military did not fit in.
    Also could be like Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys when Kenji is having a concert near the military base… then again the manga scene looked like a reference to something older.

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