Kamisama no Memo-Chou, Episode 4: Sarashi is not underwear!

On the contrary, I think sarashis are damn sexy.

Fanservice. She has it.

Haha, quite the pleasant digression from the serious feel of the past couple of episodes.

Wow, I’m going to have to say, I didn’t see this coming at all. After the events in the first episode, I thought that the amount of fanservice would be a lot less; however, I’m proven entirely wrong by this week’s episode. I mean, seriously? How did the writers come up with this story? In a way, it does seem really cheesy and everything, but the fact the show melded this fanservice and comedy with a touch of seriousness is exactly what it needed to make the episode seem worthwhile. While I don’t condemn fanservice (on the contrary, I like it to quite an extent), I do feel as if kyonyu fanservice in this show sort of doesn’t fit. Literally, it’s like fitting Min-san’s G-cup 70cm under-bust into a C-cup bra. Anyways, other than the awkward overdose of KamiMemo fanservice this week, I have nothing else to complain about this episode. The way that they showed the father-daughter sort-of-reunion thing is very touching and actually caught me by surprise. It wasn’t terribly original as I’d felt that I had seen this type of story somewhere, but the execution and pacing was flawless.

A woman during her "special time of the month" is truly fearsome.

While there was an overall lack of screen time for the NEET group, I actually liked how Min-san got her own dedicated episode. I always felt that she was underdeveloped, and luckily, this episode showed me more sides of her (literally & figuratively), thus improving the audience-character relationship.

Anyways, at the start of KamiMemo 04, a man wearing shades and a hat visits the ramen store; however, upon the delivery of his ramen, the man only takes a sip of the ramen soup and leaves with money left on the table. Oddly enough, this seems to have been a reoccurring situation, and taking the man’s actions as an insult, Min-san seeks to make a new ramen soup to “surprise” the man. While Narumi is working overnight to help watch over the soup, Min-san goes for a shower, but Narumi is suddenly awoken by sounds in the house portion of the shop. Being the investigative person Narumi is, he goes to check it out, and finds a “burglar”, but is unable to chase him down. After the burglar leaves, Min-san rushes out of the shower and shows up like this…:

She must be REALLY proud of her body. Of course this is NBD to her...

While at first Min-san has no idea what has been stolen, she finally thinks about her sarashi.

In case you don’t know what a sarashi is:

A sarashi is a long, winding strip of cloth, usually thick cotton, wrapped tightly around the midriff up to the chest. Historically worn under kimono both by Samurai (to resist injury) and by women (for more “obvious” reasons, particularly in eras when a slim figure was considered fashionable), the sarashi’s samurai associations have made them a near-universal symbol of toughness in Japan.

While common in anime — delinquents (particularly in classic, older series) will often be seen wearing one under their coat or unbuttoned shirt as a visible cue as to their general level of bad-assery — this is a general Japanese cultural trope, often found in Real Life and applicable to women as well as to men. For female characters, however, a Sarashi may also serve as an accessory to a potentially boring outfit, as an aid to crossdressing, or simply as a means of breast support. In these cases the wrapping is usually pushed up a few inches to flatten the chest (usually) and the irony inherent in using such a traditional symbol of masculinity to aid (or disguise) femininity may or may not be deliberately invoked.

Of course, if it’s a Samurai Woman, a sarashi is pretty much a given.”

-Courtesy of TV Tropes

Anyways back on track. The next morning, Min-san goes to consult Alice who the delinquent could be, but despite her situation, Min-san originally refuses to make a “formal request” until Narumi gives his vivid imagery speech to Min-san, which ultimately, is so great I cannot put into words. Thus, after Min-san puts in her formal request and the NEET team springs into action, the group is prepared for the burglar to strike at night. However, before their operation can commence, Narumi mentions an important detail about how Min-san refuses to change the original locks on her apartment’s door, which forces Alice to add a bit of modifications to her plan. Although not directly revealed, the audience can pretty much guess why Min-san refuses to change the original lock. If you still don’t get it, it’s actually mentioned several times within this episode that Min-san has always been waiting for her father to come back, and by changing the lock, it could complicate things.

So as nightfall arrives, the burglar does strike, but this time, Narumi throws a stun grenade right onto the burglar, causing both the burglar and himself to be incapacitated. However, by the time Narumi wakes up, the NEET group has caught the burglar and reveals him to be a lingerie designer who couldn’t stand the aspect of how Min-san has a “perfect oppai” and yet ruins their true beauty by wearing a sarashi and not lingerie. Thus, he seeks to exact his justice by stealing Min-san’s sarashis. Oh, and did I mention how the man claims to know the size of a woman’s bust just by looking at it? Truly a gift from god I’d have to say.

Quite the eyesight.

However, how does this story link back to the man with the glasses and hat? Well simple, that man is Min-san’s father. I know there’s a lot more intricate dialogue that goes on, but I’m kind of a bit lazy to go into details~~~Hehehe…

Anyways, before we never see Min-san’s father again, he actually left a box of ingredients and a recipe to his original ramen soup, which is exactly what Min-san was trying to recreate on the night of her most recent sarashi theft.

Your pains, I do not understand them.

Anyways, the ending to this episode was more or less what I had expected; however, as usual, there were quite a few plot twists in this episode that made it interesting. To me, KamiMemo has become one of those shows that you can sometimes expect what to happen, but the true entertainment from the show is seeing how the plot works itself out.

Although this week’s episode did seem a bit toned down from the drama in the past 2 episodes, I actually like this sort of transition. In a sense, KamiMemo gives off a feel to the audience that it has cycles.  Just like a sinusoidal graph. Yes I went there. I talked about trigonometry. Thus, with this sort of calm, “chillax”, and refreshing episode, I’ll continually look forward to KamiMemo 05, even though I have no idea what it will be on.

On a side note, I did notice how the episodes from KamiMemo are really disjointed. Other than the episodes where a story is too long to fit into 20 minutes, the ideas seem to jump about. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I feel as if this sort of “jumping around” may cause problems for KamiMemo later. Sayonara~

Time for crazed fanboy mode. "MOEEEEE!!!!!"