Kamisama no Memo-Chou, Episode 5: There’s no such thing as “too much moe”

Alice-centric epsiode. I approve.

You cannot say "no" to this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lolicon, but there are just moments when I have to go “fanboy-mode” and squeal in delight. You know, as a firm believer that the usual “moe”-stuff is utter fanservice and waffle, I find myself falling into the clasp of these “moe” moments during KamiMemo 05. Maybe it’s the light blush or the sparkling eyes, but who cares. In the end, I was smitten.

Okay enough of my fanboy confessions. Around the nets, I’ve seen multiple people concerned about whether KamiMemo will turn into an episodic or non-episodic show. Before I get into the humdrums of what the show actually is, let me correctly define for the folks out there what an “episodic show” is:

“1: made up of separate especially loosely connected episodes
2: having the form of an episode
3: of or limited in duration or significance to a particular episode : temporary <may be able to establish whether the sea-floor spreading is continuous or episodic — A. I. Hammond>
4: occurring, appearing, or changing at usually irregular intervals : occasional <an episodic illness>”
-Courtesy of Merriam-Webster
Narumi. Trade spots with me for a second.
Well now that we’re on the same page, I can delve into details.

Kamisama no Memo-chou as a show, has had quite a number of shifts in format. From the get-go, we’ve been introduced to a 40+ minute first episode, which contained a long case with various plot twists here and there. Then, we have episodes 2 and 3, which combine together to be one case, thus  disproving the episodic belief. However, episode 4 strays from the established format by including a comedic, case that’s solely limited to the one episode. At this point, it should leave the audience confused where KamiMemo is going to follow the “episodic” approach or vouch for something longer. With all this mayhem, the audience goes into KamiMemo 05 with confused expectations.

So we’re at the point of judgement. Is it episodic or not?  Well, in terms of episode 05, it’s obviously not episodic, as there’s not clear resolution at the end. However, that does not give us conclusive results on whether the rest of the show will continue to follow the same format, or fall into the abyss of conventional-ism with episodic plots. Also, after each case, the consequent case does not give a direct reference or link of the previous case, which kind of proves the “episodic” view on this show. Thus, instead of worrying about whether if it’s going to be episodic or not, just watch the damn show and see what happens!

On a personal opinion, I think J.C.Staff is going for a “sandvich” (too much TF2) approach. This means, in between non-episodic cases, we’ll get the occasional  single, which I think, will release some of the serious tension and give the audience some relief. Not sure if that’s what’s going on, but it seems kind of logical to me. However, a drawback of this approach would be the lack of suspense-building. Usually, when shows get toward it’s finale, the show often opts out these comedic-relief episodes and focuses solely on suspense to finish with a bang. Then again, as I’ve said before, I don’t think this is quite a predictable situation, so don’t blame me if I get it wrong ^^.

Cockblock. Win.

Anyways, sorry for the digression. I’m sure most of you are here to find out what happens in this episode filled with details. While I don’t remember correctly too much of what happened, I’ll try to be as precise as possible!

With this week’s episode, the show starts off with a quarrel between Narumi and Alice about washing her dolls and bed sheets, but before the scene gets repetitive, Yondaime comes out of nowhere and asks to borrow the “Gardening Club” AKA Narumi from Alice because he needs Narumi to help him with a “promotion” of a girl’s band. Oh and no, you crazy K-ON fanboys, these girls aren’t anywhere as cool as the HTT girls ^^. After Yondaime leaves with his request, Narumi and Alice start off on another dispute about how Narumi is “ditching” Alice.

Shortly after, Narumi goes to visit Yondaime’s hangout to receive details on the job, which reveals the job to be more dangerous than it seems. Apparently, some Yakuza folks aren’t too fond of Yondaime’s band and etc, thus they want to shut Yondaime down. Anyways, after receiving cautions about the job, Narumi leaves with Ayaka to various clubs and possible venues.

After a successful outing, Narumi informs Yondaime about the venues and etc. On the next day, Narumi goes alone to the venues to check out what it looks like with an actual group performing. However, while conversing with the barmaid, Narumi witnesses a fight and notices a peculiar dude with an equally peculiar shirt. To the audience, it might not seem obvious at first, but after some thought, people should notice how the embroidery on the shirt is identical to Yondaime’s logo.

Noticing that the man could be of some value, Narumi pretends to spill his drink on the dude’s shirt and offers to buy him a new one as an excuse to take him away from the fight scene. After coming out of the club, Narumi and the dude (Renji) hold a short conversation and get to know each other a bit more as they shop in a mall for clothes. Later, they head to a family restaurant and while having their meal, the guys who were orginally picking a fight with Renji spots and chases after him.

After being ditched, Narumi goes home alone with Renji’s purchased shirts and his original stained one and finally notices how it has the same marking as Yondaime’s emblem. Surprisingly, Narumi does not call Yondaime straight away, which I think is very awkward.

Anyways, the following day, Narumi shows up at the shop to help out as usual, but before he can leave to run an errand for Yondaime, Min-san tells Narumi to go to pick up an apron she ordered. Surprisingly, when he arrives at the store to pick up the apron, he finds Yondaime at the store conversing with another man. However, Yondaime speaks in a very courteous tone, which is very unlike his character. After some comedic moments at the shop, Narumi goes back to the ramen shop and delivers the goods to Min-san. Later, Narumi heads up to Alice’s room to ask her for some help; however, it digresses into an argument, but after some tsundere service, Alice reveals that she DOES want Narumi to be around her, which does make her redder than a ripe tomato.

Her rageface. It's still moe.

Anywho, the next day, Narumi attends a meeting with the band that he’s supposed to help Yondaime promote, which seems to run smoothly. After the meeting, Narumi was previously requested by Alice to go to the zoo to get pictures of capybaras and buy plush toys, thus that’s exactly what Narumi does. Surprisingly, after Narumi is done with his tasks at the zoo, he bumps into Renji…and things…just end there.

Okay, perhaps not the best cliffhanger ever, but I have the biggest feeling that KamiMemo 06 will be centric on Renji. Using my omniscient high school student powers, I have deducted that, since Renji speaks in Kansai dialect and has the emblem of the Yondaime, Renji must be somewhat related to Yondaime since Yondaime speaks in Kansai as well. Let’s hope I hit the bullseye ^^

So, in retrospect of KamiMemo 05, this espiode was not as spectacular as I would have liked, and in fact, I thought it got a tad bit messy. It could be just a late night, but instead, I would like to think that KamiMemo did not do a good job with organization in this episode. There were random details everywhere, causing the audience not to be able to “zone in” on one specific detail, albeit even if it was a red herring. The fact that this episode introduces so many details that it digresses from the main plot shows that either J.C. Staff thinks they have too much airtime for this show or, someone is just not the greatest at planning events in episodes.

If this was a 24 episode or 2 season show, then the pace at how things are being paved out seems entirely logical and agreeable. However, everyone is aware that KamiMemo is limited to a 12 episode season, which means, the show does not have the luxury to drag out so many details. Although generally I never complain about details, the fact that KamiMemo does not have the time to allow it do so makes me worry. For the past Winter 2011 shows, many of the shows were subjected to terrible planning and thus had either really rushed conclusions or even what I’d call  inconclusive conclusions. So while I certainly hope it doesn’t happen to KamiMemo, if this keeps going on, we might see a rushed or poorly written finale.

I know it's Nichijou. I just hope I don't have Yuuko's expression after Episode 12.