Kannagi, episode 7

One of the things I love about this show is the facial expressions – they’re simply hilarious. Even in an episode where the main star was in a closet all episode, it didn’t fail to crack me up from Jin:


to Diatetsu:


to Tsugumi, who’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine:


I also liked that they brought back an old joke. Apparently, Tsugumi’s cooking skills haven’t improved since last week:


And more Tsugumi goodness; her conscious, but unrepentant mean side cracks me up.


Initially, I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t pick up where the story ended last week, but for a filler ep, it was pretty damn funny. Kannagi’s a really well written show. It’s well paced, and the comedic timing is perfect, which makes every episode feel like it’s flying by. With 6 more episodes left, I don’t know what sort of conclusion they’re driving to, but I hope there’s a second season on the horizon.