Kurokami: Black God, episode 12 – Something semi-witty goes here

I always feel exasperated after watching an episode of Kurokami, because it always feels like they leave good opportunities on the table and instead proceed in the way of teh suck.

Things I liked:

  • I had to think about this for a while. Umm, Raiga seems like a pretty cool anti-hero.
  • Konbini-voyeur taking control at Kaionji?

Things I didn’t like:

  • 2 more synchro transformation scenes.
  • Kuro sucking at fighting. Again.
  • Lame death sequence. Don’t send the freaking clone!
  • Lots of action, but it all looked the same.

Random other thoughts:

I don’t know why Kuro fights. I don’t know why the writers keep making her fight fights where she has absolutely no chance of winning. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. I mean, yeah, you root for the underdog. But once the underdog reaches the Washington Generals level, you start rooting for the favorites. And next thing you know, they’re bouncing basketballs off the underdog’s heads, pantsing them, and doing blindfolded 360-alley-oops. C’mon writers, give us something to work with.

I was a little upset to see Excel look so busted up. Little kids shouldn’t get messed up like that. Steiner’s death scene was somewhat sad, but also sort of hilarious with Excel screaming at the mute clone.

Interesting turn of events to see Kakuma apparently accepting Raiga killing him to avenge their tribe. I’m also interested to see what new world the Konbini-voyeur plans to bring about. I’m glad him ratting out Akane in the last episode, didn’t lead to her getting kidnapped or anything like that. For now he seems like he’s on the up and up.

Unfortunately, this show does seem to be 24 episodes long. I’m on the precipice of dropping this, but I’ve heard some good things about the next episode, so we’ll see…  Why do I feel like I say this every week? It’s like I’m postponing the inevitable breakup.

Fighting in the Twilight Zone… with cheap backgrounds

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