Maria+Holic, episode 1 – SHAFT, you so crazy!

Catholic school-set, yuri, trapfest directed by SHAFT. It’s a recipe for disaster. Delicious disaster.

Admittedly, SHAFT comedies have been hit or miss for me, but there’s no better studio to handle the outrageousness of this show


Meet Kanako, our insecure, yuri (not homo) heroine, with a wild imagination who enters Ame no Kisaki, an all girl, catholic school in order to search for her lifelong love.


Meet Mariya, grand-daughter to the school’s previous headmaster. She’s cute, well-off, has a great personality and is all around hot stuff. Why her name is spelled Mariya everywhere I look, when the show is called Maria+Holic – I don’t know.

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Umm, scratch that. Meet Mariya, grand-daughter son to the school’s previous headmaster. She’s cute, she’s rich, friendly and all around hot stuff. He swears he’s not transvestite, nor has a crossdressing fetish. But he does plan to make the rest of Kanako’s high school life a nightmare, thanks to her unfortunate sense of timing, accidentally discovering that Mariya can never be her true yuri love.

Does the show live up to the outrageousness of its premise? You betcha. From the crotch grab, to the staged rape scene, to Kanako’s hilarious fantasies, MH doesn’t fail to deliver the shocks and laughs. And as if the plot itself wasn’t crazy enough, all that’s accentuated by SHAFT’s and director Akiyuki Shinbou’s totally insane style, although it’s a bit more restrained than say Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Pani Poni Dash!.


And as if that weren’t enough. Matsurika, the maid character might even be the craziest and funniest one of the bunch. Her cold, heartless and brutally honest demeanor has already won my heart.

The characters are attractively designed, the voice work is top notch and the writing was snappy without being too chaotic, which is one of my knocks on SHAFT’s work in the past. I’m surprised they gave away Mariya’s secret so quickly, but I’m looking forward to watching how the plot unfolds throughout the season. If the first episode’s any indication, this should be insanely fun ride.

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  1. We started the year off on the right foot or should I say trap with Maria+Holic.

    “No! Don’t say it so directly. At least use the word ‘yuri’, it sounds better.”
    True that. True that. I laughed out loud when I saw that. It’s already a runner up for Best Quote of the year. This show indeed delivers. The Maria, the maid and the whole staged raep are hilarous. Oh, I hope we get so see the OP next week! and I’m hoping for a better fansub group to pick this one up too.

    Looking forward to more Maria+Holic goodness. Do sign me up for whatever this show throw at us. So, do we find Maria+Holic interesting enough? |yes/yes|

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