Maria+Holic, episode 2 – Kanako’s insanity

Matsurika. Speaks nothing but the truth.

Hoo, the insanity continues, as most of this episode focuses on Kanako’s internal monologue, with Mariya and a narrator making a couple uninvited, but hilarious appearances.

mariaholic1 mariaholic2

The new OP is out and it’s typically SHAFT wacky. Maid air guitars, mannequin paint brushes, all with a cool, modern pop art touch. It’s not the type of song that I’d want to hear on my iPod, but it’s a blast to watch. And gg did a really nice job with the karaoke as well, fitting it into the OP seamlessly.

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Yuu Kobayashi does such a good job as Mariya. Slipping in and out of so cute and so insane so effortlessly. I’d be confused as hell if I was Kanako too. Mariya’s so… cute, but so… wrong.

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The story is centered around Kanako’s first day at school. Which goes ok, if you consider being under a watchful eye of a psychotic tranny to be ok. But take that out of the equation, it turns out she’s pretty popular. Maybe because she’s “big,” maybe because she’s a new transfer student, or maybe it’s those “harem flags” that are popping up, but all the girls want to be her friend. And they’re all kawaii and just her type. It’s standard new transfer student enters a school stuff, but what makes it hilarious is her crazy, crazy fantasies. Kananko spills more blood than most harem guy leads.


Later, Mariya gives the entrance speech as the freshman class speaker, and we get our first dose of non Kananko-Mariya drama when we encounter a bit of snideness between Mariya and the senior class president, Shiki. And a Ryuuken-Kananko-Mariya showdown, when Ryuuken grabs Kanako to find out if it was her fault that she was no longer Kanako’s roommate. Mariya just happens to come in at the perfect time to confirm that yes, it was Ryuuken’s fault. And there’s a trail of seafood tragedies serving as proof.


The episode leaves us with a slight dose of drama as it turns out there’s some history behind the bad blood between the senior class president Shiki and Mariya, and a dose of romance as a narrator swoops into Kanako’s head to tell us about the strange feeling in her chest. Oh and probably more seafood related misery for Kanako in the future.

All in all, a good, amusing ep. I love every time they Mariya, a narrator or someone busts into Kanako’s thoughts. There’s something about that that never gets old.

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