Maria+holic, episode 5 – Don’t mess with God

I’m a little disappointed that Maria+holic has given more of the balance of screen time to Kanako than Mariya/Matsurika, as I think Kanako’s a little too predictable to carry the show for long stretches of time, but this episode made up for it by giving God a lot more action and by mixing in some non-yuri humor.


Shades of Moyashimon flashed through my head when I saw the can of Surströmming.

Oh and was that Mariya in a nurse uniform? *nosebleed*


We get our first glimpse of God’s wrath, when she confiscates the Surströmming can, during a random check and buries it. God’s cat ears, the soulless eyes, the flat, emotionless voice and her dark and foreboding words just cracks me up. Part of me wants to squeeze her like a little teddy bear, while another part of me wants to install her as a leader of some alien invasion task-force.



The first part of the episode focused on Kanako trying to become friends (just friends) with the Nagato-like, Kiri-shan. It was a nice change of pace. While I love yuri humor as much as any other red-blooded guy, there’s only so much you can do with the same joke.

Kanako is voted class rep, and complains about it being troublesome. This triggers a beacon in Kiri’s head to help Kanako out and she volunteers to be the assistant class rep. Since Kiri is helping her so much, Kanako decides that the two should at least become friends. So she enrolls her friends to help her out, because just asking like Mariya suggested would be much too easy. Highlights included:

  • Kanako offers to share textbooks with Kiri and ends up pulling out a hilarious yaoi doujin, courtesy of Mariya. Take a look at the pic. I bet SHAFT was giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls when they came up with those titles.
  • Ryuuken’s obliviousness to Kiri and Kanako
  • The tete-a-tete between Mariya and Shiki, the student council pres… who are apparently cousins. Ooh, big reveal there. Shiki has to know that Mariya’s a guy in hiding. But based on the barbs they traded back in episode 2, maybe not?
  • Momoi threatening Kiri to give her some money, Kiri responding “how much?” and Momoi responding “300 yen.” I also loved when Momoi referred to Kiri as Kiri-shan. I don’t know what it is about that suffix, but I’ve dug it ever since I heard Kozu-pii use it in Chaos Head



The second part of the episode was all God. With some Mariya/Matsurika goodness. God goes hunting for contraband. And then scores everyone on how well they hid their stuff. Those who score high enough get to keep their stuff. At the end of the day, everyone got their stuff back with another chance to hide it again. Turns out God likes playing games… and tragic pasts. She doesn’t seem to be so scary. I mean unless she’s threatening to kill you and bury you. Take that away and she’s just the lovable nekomimi of this show.

  • Ha. Virtual boy. Tragic past indeed.
  • There was something really amusing about Matsurika wiping up the dog’s paw prints, and Mariya watching over her. I think it was just one of those subtle, real-life things that seems so out of place in this batshit crazy SHAFT world
  • Speaking of Matsurika, she had like two lines, but they were awesome lines with perfect timing. I seriously can’t get enough of her.
  • *sniff* Poor abandoned, tentacle bag. The poor, little guy just needed some more TLC. Oh wait. It’s back.
  • LOL @ “copy-rider” and “pasty chef.” I guess Kanako wasn’t prepping for any spelling bee dreams

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