Melancholy of Haruhi-chan #15 and 16 and Nyoron Churuya-san #8

I have been quite inconsistent about offering links to the videos, but this week you’re in luck. Churuya-san #8 subbed. Haruhi-chan #15 subbed. And Haruhi-chan #16 subbed.

Nyoron Churuya-san #8


churuya3 churuya4

It’s beach episode time, and Churuya’s sporting a classy two-piece, learning that there’s no smoked cheese on the beach and about the intricacies of casting a line to catch fish. Meanwhile, ASAHAKURA gets risqué with Kyon, asking him to make a choice between eating lunch or her. ~Mrowr~ Unfortunately for her, Kyon chooses the lunch. And finally Churuya finally gets what she’s been waiting for all this time. Das smoked cheese. What’s next? Probably world domination. As the saying goes, “first you get da smoked cheese, den you get da women, den you get da powah.”

I wonder about this every week, so I’ll wonder about it again. Since Churuya has gotten her precious, I wonder if this is the swan song for Churuya-san.

Haruhi-chan #15




I want an ACHAKURA NOW!!! I love how she gets so giddy and easily entertained by the smallest of things. I mean sure, the balloon eventually turned into a talking dog, but ACHAKURA would’ve been happy enough playing with that one bouncing balloon. She’s like a more affectionate version of a cat – and just as fun to torture, and a cleaner, lower-maintenance version of a dog. Plus, she comes with assassin abilities. She’s the perfect pet. Someone needs to clone her now.

Otherwise, it seems Nagato seems to have not heard of the Hindenburg. Quite a shocking lapse in knowledge. But I guess that’s what becoming an eroge otaku will do to you. New knowledge pushes out the old.

Haruhi-chan #16





Cooking with Haruhi. This is a Wii game in the making. I just know it. I mean, it’s gotta score better than that Iron Chef game, right? And it’s Haruhi. KADOKAWA hasn’t milked it to death enough yet. Ah, the Wii, last bastion of all crapware.

Anyway, Cooking with Haruhi is actually a brilliant concept. Quick, simple health cooking with Haruhi. I have no interest in any of the hundreds of other cooking shows on the air, but I would follow a Haruhi cooking show to the ends of the earth. Or Kitchen. I can’t imagine what ramen noodles would look like after 50 hours of cooking. I’d guess that they’d disintegrate after the first hour or so. But I guess we’ll never know, because dojikko maid Mikuru, just can’t seem to stay on her feet.

The best part of the episode was when Kyon was pointing the sword at Koizumi with murderous intent. There was something about Koizumi’s facial expression that cracked me up. Maybe it’s because this is one of the rare moments you see Koizumi ever break a sweat.

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