Melancholy of Haruhi-chan #7 and 8 and Nyoron Churuya-san #4

Churuya-san is back in action after a long respite, and we get two doses of Haruhi-chan. Kadokawa sure likes to pump these episodes out all at once. Links here, here and here.

Churuya-san #4



I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at Tsuruya in the same way again. From lovely fang girl to cell phone accessory, she has made quite a jump. I can live without jaded, office-lady Mikuru though.

After a long break Churuya-san’s returns with a very short handful of skits. Churuya is now equipped with a silent mode, so you can take her around anywhere and not have to worry about potential social faux-pas. Ryoko ASAHAKURA (I had to double check that) also returns with a plan to win over Kyon’s heart. Unfortunately for her, Kyon’s heart only belongs to Itsuki. Plus, he’s a xenophobe. The final skit stars the cutest dust bunny you’ll ever see… and Churuya ruthlessly murdering it. Yowza.

Haruhi-chan #7




SOS-dan has organized a “Wow-lots-of-girls” field day featuring fun, games and well… lots of girls. All the minor characters are back in force, Kyon’s sister, Tsuruya, Taniguchi, and their forgotten other friend Kunikida. During a borrowing race game, Kyon confesses to Itsuki, which breaks Haruhi. Not breaks her heart. But breaks her. Like a Geass-ing gone terribly wrong. Apparently she’s not a fan of yaoi, and almost ends the world over it. Luckily for everyone, her reasonable side shuts her down and gives her a convenient case of selective memory. The episode ends with Haruhi tearing off Kyon’s clothes in a fit of passion and Taniguchi getting some quality time with a dead kappa. Pretty solid skit. The confession scene was hilarious.

Haruhi-chan #8




Haruhi-chan #8 is a two-parter. It’s spring festival time as Haruhi shares her love for demons. It’s sort of funny to see the chibi Haruhi standing next to normal sized Taniguchi. Otherwise, it’s a pretty boring skit.

The second skit features the comic stylings of that classic duo Nagato and ACHAKURA, as she can’t help falling for all of Nagato’s traps, even when she thinks she’s figured it out. It ends with Nagato turning ACHAKURA into a Hinamatsuri doll, and ACHAKURA laughing maniacally as Nagato unrolls her kimono wildly – again, in a fit of passion. I love how ACHAKURA always ends up laughing crazily no matter what Nagato’s doing to her, whether it’s forced karaoke or getting spun around in a kimono.

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