Minami-ke Okaeri, Episode 2 – Curry Angel!

So, since it is taking Ayako a little extra time in coming out with their version of the Okaeri subs, I’ll just move forward with posting about the Chihiro versions. There’s some background stuff I wish they subbed, but they got most of it.

Part 1: The introduction of hot adult devil Chiaki…

okaeri1 okaeri2

Turns out the even Chiaki’s loyalty to Haruka has its limits. When Kana proposes splitting more chocolate between the few of them, we get to see cute, innocent Chiaki, and hot, evil grown-up Chiaki. This sort of thing’s been done plenty of time before, but some reason seeing Chiaki’s two side fighting was pretty hilarious. Maybe it’s because she’s always been sort of a straight edge. And I liked how Kana’s proposition sort of broke Chiaki, which led to…

The never-gets-old genderbender misunderstanding

okaeri5 okaeri6

Except the joke’s on Fujioka, who thinks Touma is some sort of playa, all the while still not realizing that she’s a girl (Between Touma and Makoto, I’m not sure I’d ever want Fujioka picking from a police lineup), which leads to his two… umm, interesting sides. Which leads to him trying to copy Touma to get closer to Kana, with expectedly terrible results. But in the end, everyone gets chocolates besides Haruka.

The placement of the OP/ED is still a little weird, but not bad. I’m getting used to it.

Part 2: Cream Puff Devilry

I guess it was the setup for the ending, but I don’t know if I’m missing out on maybe some cultural or language idiosyncracies, but the whole dinnertable conversation about big supermarkets and dogs sort of fell flat to me. But it was salvaged somewhat by the return of angel and devil Chiaki and cute Kana crying.

okaeri8 okaeri9

So the first half was pretty good. But now we get to the really good stuff. HOSAKA time!!!

Part 3: Let’s be friendly

Haruka’s friend Hayami (it’s tough keeping up with all these names!), in a bit of devilry of her own, eggs on Hosaka to become friendly with Haruka’s other friends, Maki and Atsuko. “Take down the knights, she says. Become friendly, she says.”

okaeri11 okaeri12

His initial creepy try to befriend Maki is obviously rejected. If the approach wasn’t hilarious enough, I love how he just rationalizes her running for her life, as being busy. Hosaka logic is pure win.

okaeri13 okaeri14

His horror show efforts in befriending Atsuko and finally Hayami don’t go too well either, with him getting a faceful of palm from Hayami. Lol, poor guy. Daisuke Ono just does a perfect job in portraying Hosaka’s total obliviousness to the rest of the world. It’s funny, because you’d probably think he was one of the cool kids just looking at him. I mean that’s what I thought when I first saw him in season 1, but you actually see him and realize he’s a total nut. Incidentally, this leads us, finally, to the best portion of the show…

Part 4: Curry Angel!

When Haruka accidentally sends Chiaki out with a list of ingredients for curry in place of the shopping list, Hosaka is present to save the day.


Chiaki mumbling the ingredients on her list, inspire Hosaka to come up with the Curry Song. On the spot! This is Hosaka at his best! And something I thought was somewhat lacking in season 2. Hosaka’s totally insane imagination. The stripping is so much funnier when combined with it. Who can forget epic cook Hosaka with his lovely Minami family?

Animation was still terrible, but all in all, a really solid ep. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Hosaka. I think this was the next best thing to a completely Hosaka-centered OVA. Like I did before, kudos to the writing team for stepping up the comedy. If the rest of the season remains this amusing, I can live with the poor animation.

Next week: The Minami brothers are finally back!!!

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