Nisemonogatari 08: A brief list

A short list of things I liked about the infamous dental porn episode of Nisemonogatari.


Tsukihi’s OP. It’s fun, it’s catchy, it reminds me a lot of Sengoku’s OP. Maybe it’s Yuka Iguchi’s soft, fuwa fuwa voice. It’s been a revelation to hear her in a role where she’s not playing an annoying brat (e.g., Index, Maria in Haganai)

  1. The dental porn scene. A little embarrassing to admit perhaps, but I tend to multitask while watching Nisemonogatari episodes, but the scene definitely captured my full attention.
  2. The conversion to Karen’s “cuteness.” Like Araragi, I never thought of Karen as cute, but this episode won me over… perhaps?

A short list of things I didn’t like about the infamous dental porn episode of Nisemonogatari…

  1. This is Tsukihi’s arc, but a glaring lack of Tsukihi! In the little bit of Tsukihi we got to see, I’ve come to like her character a good bit more than Karen’s character. She just seems a bit less stereotypically heroine. Yet in some ways, tougher than Karen.
  2. Did I really spend my time watching a whole episode of soft pornography?
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