Nisemonogatari 11: Family

Nisemonogatari’s heartwarming (not terribly so) family ties season comes to an end.

The picture speaks for itself

Araragi’s Mawarai Penguindrum aside, I was glad to see Tsukihi recover so quickly. Power of the phoenix indeed.

Posed, but not poised

Gruesome battle scene with Araragi aside, it was a fairly predictable end to the show. I never really doubted that Tsukihi would be fine in the end, especially so when Kagenui described Tsukihi’s situation as ultimately being harmless. I talked earlier in the season about how NIsemonogatari lacked stakes, and again this arc is a reiteration. If Tsukihi’s situation is harmless, then of course we know she’ll be fine. The fights become just for show. If she was a ticking time bomb, then there’s some stakes behind the battles.

Loli Shinobu > Teenager Shinobu

All in all, Nisemonogatari was an acceptable sequel to Bakemonogatari. Showy without much substance. But much like Shinobu, I prefer the prior loli version.