Nodame Cantabile Paris OVA – Matsuda gets it on

A little bit of love for the relatively recently released OVA of Nodame Cantabile, in prep for covering the third and final season during the winter.

Matsuda and orchestra Matsuda's jealousy of Chiaki

It took me a couple minutes to realize that they’d started the episode off with Matsuda and not Chiaki. For a moment there, I thought they had fast-forwarded the show several years and given Chiaki a new look. Instead we see the story about Yukihisa Matsuda, the professional conductor who also took Chiaki’s place as conductor of Rising Star Orchestra.

Matsuda conducting TannhauserBehind the music

One of the things I loved about Nodame Cantabile was hearing Chiaki or Stresseman or in this case Matsuda talk about the music their conducting. I think the difficult part about listening to classical music for the first time is that there’s no words to hang your hat on. Songs and movements run into each other to the point where it’s difficult to tell them apart. But when the characters talk about the song, and some of the background behind it, it really helped me understand what to listen for, and the feelings behind it. Hopefully now that Chiaki’s competitions are done, they’ll do provide more of the musical background in season 3, because it was sorely lacking in season 2.

Liquid Cheesecake. Unexpectedly delicious!Matsuda enjoys wine, women and muzak

Lol @ the "unexpectedly delicious" liquid cheesecake, and Matsuda’s confirmation of such. Judging by Matsuda’s love for women, Stresseman probably would’ve had a lot more time hanging with him than Chiaki.

Nodame catching a peakNodame is... Lock On

We only got a few minutes of Nodame, but they were hilarious moments indeed. Evil blank eyed Nodame was great. And if she never gets to perform with Chiaki, I hear Celestial Being has a spot open for their sniper.

Matsuda tries to pull Nodame from the bathMatsuda arguing with Nodame

I had never really thought much of Ayako Kawasumi until I heard her as Nodame. All of the roles that I’d heard her in before were either underwhelming (Zero no Tsukaima, Shakugan no Shana) or not very memorable (Fate/Stay Night, Genshiken, Kanon), but it’s hard to imagine anyone else doing Nodame as well as she does. Although Ueno Juri does a fantastic live version of Nodame. Actually, that was part of my confusion in watching this OVA. I initially watched all the anime episodes in a row, then I watched all the live action episodes in a row, so I kept seeing the live action actors in my head. In case the third animated season isn’t enough Nodame (and who could say that there’s such a thing as "enough Nodame"), there’s actually going to be 2 live action movies airing in Japan in December this year, and in the spring of next year. Both are excellent and definitely worth watching if you’re a rom-com fan (although the live action has an asian comedy hammyness to it that you need to get used to).

Mine, Masumi and TomohitoTomohito and Masumi reading Matsuda's future diary

I was also glad to see Mine and the gang back in the picture. They were completely ignored in the 2nd season of the anime, so here’s hoping that Chiaki Kon does a better job throwing them a bone in the final season.

Con-mas Takahashi gets aggressiveMatsuda gets bedded by Takahashi

Lol @ con-mas raep. I bet Matsuda didn’t write that one into his future diary.

All in all, a nice lighthearted romp into the Nodame Cantabile universe. There wasn’t exactly a whole lot of depth, but these OVAs are really just to have some fun. Definitely worth the 20 minutes of my time, and it has me psyched back up again for the return of Nodame, Chiaki and co.

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  1. This one crept past me – I’ve got to go find it!

    This ‘third & final season” – confirmed, or merely fervently hoped-for?

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