Nyan Koi, episode 11 – Nekomimi Junpei

Seems like we’re barreling towards an anime-original ending. Although if I were to make a bet, I’d bet that we don’t get a "true" resolution to either the curse or the love triangle in the next episode. Although that image of a black fluffy haired in next episode’s preview could be a harbinger for Junpei. AIC has balls if they decide to end the season on a cliffhanger like that. I’m not typically a fan of cliffhangers, but I’d totally dig that. But anyway, enough speculation about the finale, this is about the penultimate episode.

Junpei's perverted sisterJunpei's sister's continued corruption

Actually, before we get to the episode, I can’t help but give Junpei’s sister, Suzu, some ink. Her ecchi-all-the-time mind (which probably comes from her very forward mom) comes to a head in this episode. I got a huge laugh out of Junpei asking how she got so corrupted, and expressing his worries about her future. Combine that with her perpetual neko-smike, and she’s made for one of the more amusing little sister supporting characters that I’ve seen.

Junpei is... Touma

Ok, just one more digression before I start talking about the episode, but this eye catch was great. Yes, Junpei does look like a certain someone. Someone who also rue his bad luck like Junpei. Twin brothers separated at birth? Hmm. Thankfully, this twin didn’t get the long moral speech gene.

Priest shrine discovers JizouAnti-cabaret legislation

Alright onto the episode. Which was actually pretty random in the first half, then surprisingly Kanako heavy for a next-to-last episode. The shrine priest discovers the broken Jizou head, and calls upon on the shrine supporters to provide some financial help to fix the statue (no doubt with a anti-cabaret poison pill condition attached). While this isn’t particularly good news for the priest, it’s worse news for Junpei, because the Jizou curse seems to be progressing even more quickly with the recent events.

Kaede blows upJealous Kotone

We then get an oddly placed scene in which the gang celebrates the end of the school year by drinking juice at Nagi’s estate. To be honest, it felt like a random piece of filler they stuck in to fill out the episode length. But I did get a particular kick seeing Kaede react to Nagi’s magical blades in a pharaoah trick by referring to Nagi as "her corpse." It was like in an instant, Kaede had accepted Nagi’s pokey-pokey death. I also liked seeing Kotone’s silent disapproval of drunken Nagi’s advances on Junpei. Even denpakeis have strong feelings.

Junpei gets a faceful of ChizuruKanako is Santa girl

The story picks up when Junpei gets a part-time job as a mailman (apparently anyone can become a mailman in Japan) hoping that helping pay for the shrine’s expenses will allay Jizou’s anger and slow down the curse progression. Of course part of the job includes becoming both sober and drunken Chizuru’s boy toy- Greater men have fallen to lesser temptations (*cough* Tiger Woods *cough*), so give Junpei a lot of credit for resisting the Chizuru’s touchy-feely advances and seemingly staying true to Kaede. Meanwhile, Kanako, who’s working herself as a Santa-girl, discovers that Junpei’s begun working and begins worrying that he’s trying to make money to get a Christmas gift for and confess to Kaede. You know, I always wondered how these Santa girls worked wearing such short skirts in the cold weather.

Kanako reminiscesKanako invites Junpei on a date

I don’t know if the last couple episodes have helped people warm up to Kanako a little more, but I wouldn’t mind if she ended up with Junpei. Kaede is megas cute… but pretty generic. I like Kanako’s history with Junpei and she seems much more tortured about her feelings than any of her competitors. As long as it’s not a Junpei x Nyamses end, I’d be happy with whatever they decide. However, luck is on Kanako’s side for this episode at least, as she wins tickets to see a sappy and lame cat movie (10 Promises with Me and My Cat, lol, I want to see this movie) and then invites Junpei out on a surreptitious date.

Kanako's cat giftKanako makes her decision

In what’s likely the final rabu rabu moment between the two, Junpei shows the movie attendant the doll he received from Kanako to get her a special gift. While Junpei gushes waterworks during the movie, Kanako comes to the realization that she’s ok with hanging with Junpei just as friends and decides not to pursue the relationship further. While it seems like they tied things up with a nice pretty bow, we’ll see if this sticks once she sees another girl making a move on Junpei.

Junpei says no to miceKaede wonders about the curse

Meanwhile, it looks like we’re setting things up to get Kaede roped into the curse for the finale. Because she overhears Junpei talking to some cats and begins to wonder about the Jizou curse conversation that she’d overheard. Could Junpei x Kaede have a happy ending… as cats? Now that would be twisted. Kaede may yet have a chance to BE FRIENDLY with her beloved cats.

Junpei appreciates nekomimiJunpei blue in the face

No one can resist the power of nekomimi! Even when it’s happening to yourself. Hopefully AIC can end this well, but keep things open-ended enough for a second season.

5 Replies to “Nyan Koi, episode 11 – Nekomimi Junpei”

  1. The sarcophagus scene was a bit out of place, though I enjoyed the Gundam reference when one of the weapons that pierced it was a beam saber.

    Recent episodes have completely turned around my opinion of Kanako. She went from a character I found really annoying to my favorite of the rivals (Kotone is a close second just for the humor). Her development and motivations have been done better than the others, and this episode had some really sweet moments between her and Junpei. I just wish that this hadn’t only happened so late in the show. And hopefully her ‘just be friends’ thing doesn’t stick, because it seems like either she’s not being honest with herself or it was forced by the writers. If Kaede were actively into Junpei I could understand her being reluctant to pursue Junpei, but Kaede has been so airheaded and oblivious about it all.

    Given that there’s only one episode left they probably will go with some non-committal mostly unresolved ending. Though I have a theory about Junpei’s cat ears and Kaede finding out: random lulz episode where everyone gets nekomimi (to match the OP animation) and hilarity ensues. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu had a similar thing with the episode where the clothes-destroying chemical weapon was leaked into the school.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Comment on Kobato 08: It’s a Kitty! by ExecutiveOtaku =-.

  2. I would be highly in favor of a random lulz episode where all shit hits the fan. Realistically, while they could probably tie up the love triangle next episode, Junpei’s got like 50 cats left to save, so I can’t imagine they’re going to close that door if there’s a chance for a second season. Not to mention there’s plenty of stuff in the manga they haven’t touched yet. I wonder how popular the show has been so far.

  3. You know, I love Nyan Koi, but it really bothered me that Kaede – who’s supposed to be the main girl in the harem – pretty much got the least screen time.
    Kanako for example got like 3 episodes just for her while kaede got pretty much none. Maybe there was like 1 episode in which she was actually important.

    1. I thought Kaede had a bigger role earlier in the season. It was a little weird that they backloaded the Kanako stories, instead of vice versa though. Maybe Kaede will get some love in the finale.

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