Nyan Koi, episode 12 – Right back to start (Season finale)

And so concludes the first season of Nyan Koi with the love triangle right back to where we started and Junpei having survived the harrowing trials of turning into a cat.

Kotone keeping an eye on JunpeiKotone's secret shoe tracker

For a shrine maiden with a priest father with a penchant for tossing money on cabarets, Kotone is still able to sport some slick surveillance gear. GPS through phone, tracking through a hidden shoe receiver, where does she get the money? Blackmail? Judgment wishes they could track people as well as she does.

Akari giving Junpei a dose of tsuntsunKotone proposes to Junpei

However, it works out pretty well for Junpei, because without Kotone’s deviant behavior Junpei likely would’ve died an embarrassing allergy death on the floor of the men’s bathroom – as if dying with nekomimi wasn’t embarrassing enough. But after the two save Junpei from a furry death and give him temporary shelter (as well as an allergen-proof hat), the gang finds that they have a bigger problem on their hands when Kanako calls Junpei teasing him about being cursed by Jizou the cat. While Kanako is playing it up for lulz, apparently Kaede has become quite concerned about it. And this has probably contributed to Junpei’s quickly worsening curse.

Kaede asks for adviceJunpei's nekomimi revealed

So with Nyamsus’ help, the gang come up with a plan to deceive Kaede and try to alleviate her suspicions. I gotta say I loved the scene where Kaede’s asking her dogs for advice, after Junpei seemingly asks her out on a date the following day. I think anime has warped my brain. Talking to cats seem like all the rage these days. And heck, many of them even talk back. But talking to dogs? Well, that’s still novel and cute. The following day, Junpei and the twins try to concoct some story about him having defaced the stupid looking cat in the shopping plaza, and the twins having to exorcise those demons. All seems to go well, that is until Nagi flies in wearing huge, exotic wings and pulls off Junpei’s hat revealing his nekomimi ears. The next thing we know, Junpei hightails it out of there, and Kaede’s on red alert.

Junpei the catKaede comes to a conclusion

Junpei is not exactly the cutest of cats. However, as his life flashes before his eyes (conveniently consisting of all moments that we’ve seen), Kaede stumbles across him and is surprised to find Junpei cat approach her. Shocked that the cats are no longer running from her (and actually, in sort of a creepy way, she becomes surrounded by many, many cats), she decides that there’s no way that Junpei could be cursed by Jizou, considering how nice he is to cats.

Junpei escapes from Kaede's armsKaede sees Junpei's junk

Next thing you know *POOF* Junpei transforms back and graces Kaede with his naked body. What with all the past events, the Chizuru boob hug, Kaede’s missing bra, and now this, I have to say I’m impressed that Kaede hasn’t charged Junpei with any sex crimes yet.

Kanako wants to wrestle Junpei nakedNagi makes it a threesome

Seeing Junpei naked has apparently riled up Kanako, because she recants tosses her hat back into the love triangle ring and proceeds to shamelessly engage in some naked wrestling with Junpei. Of course, Nagi randomly arrives just in time to turn it into a threesome. Yep, there was definitely some inappropriate physical contact happening during that tussle. Hopefully, Junpei didn’t get too excited during the wrestling match. But I’m glad Kanako’s decided to re-enter the love triangle fray. And I hope this naked wrestling incident will help her be a little more forward next season.

Nyan Koi second season?

Speaking of which, yes, a second season apparently has been greenlighted! While Nyan Koi wasn’t the most brilliant of shows, all the characters were likeable and had enough of a unique twist to make the show a joy to watch. I think the challenge with the second season will be to try to continue that and avoid falling victim to turning into a cliché harem comedy. There’s definitely some good material in the manga that they can still adapt. But even the manga seems to be downplaying the cats and resorting to the standard harem routines as it goes on. But we’ll cross that bridge whenever the time comes. In the meanwhile, I’m giving Nyan Koi a 7 out of 10. Falls well short of Seto no Hanayome, but still thoroughly entertaining.

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  1. Depending on what else airs when (if, maybe they’re trolling us?) Nyan Koi 2 comes out I might have to blog it to get back into the shipping game. It took a while for the show to get her introduced sufficiently, but I’m definitely onboard the Kanako ship as of the last couple episodes.

    Like you said, not amazing but still a very fun show. And it’s been a lot of fun following your coverage of it. Now if only they’d announce a second season for SoraMani too…

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed. I look forward to your re-entry into the shipping game. Although I won’t begrudge your Kanako lead. Actually, this may be the only harem where I had more difficulty choosing than the lead male did! Kudos to Junpei for staying a one-woman harem leader, through and through.

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