Nyan Koi, episode 3 – Come over and play with my cat

The third episode of Sora no Otoshimono was pretty good even though there were no flying pantsu this time around, but I’ve decided to stick with writing about Nyan Koi. Both shows have been nice surprises (SNO moreso, because I thought it would be terrible), so you can’t go wrong watching either.

Chizuru the lost mailmanChiruzu goes after the hair

In the first part of the show, Nyan Koi introduces Chizuru, voiced by a wonderfully giddy Rina Satou (Haruka Minami, Mikoto Misaka), a college-student, mail girl-in-training with a poor sense of direction, a strong penchant to be very touchy feely, and a healthy lust for nice asses. Twenty bucks says she’s probably also a lush like Hinagiku’s sister, or Konata’s cousin Yui. Fortunately for Junpei (or unfortunately if you go by his word… although I can’t figure out why he’d consider himself to be unfortunate), he runs into her outside of the old monk’s place, thanks to an insane conversation he struck up with Nyamses, Jun Fukuyama and the homeless cat, allowing Chizuru to find her way out from the labyrinth of shrubbery.

Cats surround JunpeiChizuru punch!

Most of the first half of the episode consists of Junpei helping Chizuru find her way around the neighborhood, all while accommodating random cat requests along the way. Between all the cute cat voices (I want to Nyan Koi’s eventual cast list), Chizuru’s overbearing touching, and Junpei’s disbelieving reactions, it was a pretty good combo of events.

Kanako catches Chizuru and Junpei togetherJunpei's MILF proposition

A couple highlights of their travails include Junpei and Chizuru running into Kanako, who’s apparently completed her transformation from tsuntsun manba to raging, super-possessive fireball. And Junpei’s friendly relationship with a seductive cat, which leads to her MILF owner telling Junpei to come over one day to play with her um… cat. Cue heat seeking missile’s in the husband’s eyes. Comedic gold there. I’m still laughing about that one.

Chizuru hug!Mizuno catches Chizuru and Junpei in the act

The day ends for Chizuru and Junpei with a big, friendly bear hug… and since he’d already been caught with her by Kanako and his sister, it was, of course, in this moment of voluptuous weakness that Mizuno and her posse of dogs catches the two of them together. Yep, that hug is definitely a legitimate situation where you might want to clarify what was going on there.

The idea of Mizuno running around with a pack of large herding dogs is pretty amusing. Judging by the strength she’d need to keep them from going wild, I can see why she accidentally brutalized the cat in the first episode.

From the cute, but somewhat daft cat torturer, to the possessive tsundere manba, to the rambunctious onee-sama dressed as a mailman, Chizuru follows another series of character archetypes that Nyan Koi somehow manages to fit into somewhat unique shoes. I can’t imagine how they’re going to fit her into Junpei’s harem over the season, but I certainly won’t mind seeing more of her.


The second part of the show, introduces us to how Junpei first met Mizuno. It seemed like a bit of a weird time to stick in a flashback, but whatever. This failed cat torture attempt is something out of Hayate no Gotoku, or maybe Sora no Manimani. Except, when Mizuno falls, and Junpei slips, she manages to do a summersalt and a land a standing 10 onto Junpei’s chest, knocking him out cold for a while.


Probably the best part of the show was watching Mizuno smack the crap out of Junpei. The sweet mix of cute, airheaded Mizuno just makes her brutal, slap-happy, cat torturing, gangster-loving side that much more funny. Also, a nice design touch by drawing Junpei’s hair shorter, since this was earlier in the year. It’s little details like that make me appreciate the effort AIC is putting into this show.

In addition to the introduction of Chizuru and the story of how Junpei and Mizuno met, Mizuno also raised her first flag by showing a little hesitation when Kanako later dragged Junpei off in a jealous rage. Sheesh, no wonder Mizuno thinks the two are together. Clearly, we shouldn’t be counting on this show to give us a harem resolution, so I’m just enjoying the ride without taking any sides. I’m looking forward to seeing the introduction of Mizuno’s protector last week, and how she gets drawn into Junpei’s harem. Seems like it should be the last of the character introduction episodes.

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  1. Chizuru is definitely my favorite human so far, though we’re getting some funny situations between Jumpei, Mizuno, and Kanako now that Kanako is all LETS BE FRIENDLY with Junpei. Mizuno’s slapping Junpei was also quite good.

    Have you noticed how many characters are named Chizuru this season? Nyan Koi, Seitokai no Ichizon, and Kimi ni Todoke all have characters by that name, though Seitokai’s Chizuru uses different kanji for her name. It’s freaking me out.

    1. I’ll be glad when they start focusing on the “story” and get through all these character intro eps. It took me like an hour and a half to figure out what to write, and even then the pickings were slim.

      I haven’t quite gotten on first name terms with the other shows (Seitokai I’m still identifying characters by hair color), so I hadn’t noticed the Chizuru thing. I don’t remember hearing that name much in the past though. I am, however, having a little trouble calling Sumiyoshi Kanako, because I keep thinking of the nosebleeding sieve from Mariaholic.

  2. “Cue heat seeking missile’s in the husband’s eyes.”

    Oh, that’s not her husband. That’s her client. And you have seen him before.

  3. I’m going to make a comment. Take it or leave it.

    Nyan Koi! = Best new show of the season (although I should admit that it’s pretty much the only new show I’ve watched…basically, that statement is baseless)

    I should just say that I love this show it rules I’m gonna write a post about it maybe.
    .-= Glo´s last blog ..Things That Suck 2: People =-.

    1. I will take that comment for $1000. I’m not gonna disagree. It probably is the best non-sequel/spinoff new show of the season. At least, I can’t think of any other show I’ve watched that I’d place above it.

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