Nyan Koi, episode 5 – Needs more cat

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up. The World Series has taken up all my time lately. The latest Nyan Koi episode was good, and gives us some nice Mizuno and Junpei development, but I was sort of disappointed that there were no cats in this episode. Unfortunately, you might start to notice Nyan Koi becomes more harem romcom and seems to lose the cats as the series goes on. At least that’s what I’ve seen in the manga so far. Hopefully, AIC will pick and choose chapters and volumes that have heavy cat action, because they make the show unique.

Kanako beating on the mascotNagi's challenge to Junpei

By circumstance Junpei ends up at the amusement park with Mizuno, Kanako and Nagi. Well, actually, it was Nagi’s challenge for Junpei to pick between her and Mizuno at the park, but somehow Kanako ended up tagging along as well.

Nagi gets rejectedNagi's ultimatum

Kudos to Junpei for being so decisive between Nagi and Mizuno. In fact, waist-breakingly, head-damagingly so. In response, Nagi vows to help bring Junpei and Mizuno together… WITH a catch. That being if Junpei doesn’t hook up with Mizuno by the end of the day, he has to marry Nagi. It seems Nagi still needs a few lessons in love, but turns out she’s a good sport. Between her erraticness, and Yuu Kobayashi’s hilarious screeches and voice changes, I think she’s been a great addition to the cast. You need at least one crazy person in a good harem. And she’s crazy in a unique way.

Junpei and Mizuno's love strawKanako drags Junpei around

While, Nagi does everything she can to bring Mizuno and Junpei together (as well as embarrass them), it quickly becomes apparent to her that Kanako has fallen for Junpei as well, and will play the role of cockblocker for the day. And while Nagi appreciates Ms. D-cup tits beauty (lol – so direct), she doesn’t compare to her cuter junior, Mizuno. Thus, the wing-woman was born. Wing-women are probably a lot more effective in real life then wingmen. Just because there’s more trust off the bat. Anyway, lucky for Junpei, it turns out Tokiwadai Land is owned by Nagi’s clan. Yup. You can’t go wrong with an entrepreneurial yakuza clan that owns everything. Not nearly as hilarious or unique as the Seto-clan infiltrating Nagasumi’s school, but it’s not bad.

Mizuno licks ice creamFrightened Mizuno

I grabbed these scenes simply for the cute factor. Mizuno flicking her tongue out to lick the ice cream was knee bucklingly cute. And frightened puppy Mizuno is sure to make any harem lead’s heart jump. Luckily, I must say Junpei’s as likeable as any harem lead I’ve seen so far. Admittedly, the competition is few and far between though.

Love scene between Junpei and MizunoJunpei gets knocked around

Romantic moment leads to an ass kicking from Kanako. Who, I’m gathering a lot of people aren’t really liking right now. Actually, there’s a chapter in the manga that went in between this episode and the last, that showed off a softer side of Kanako, which I’m a little disappointed they chose not to animate. I can understand it, since animating that would’ve meant two consecutive episodes light on catty goodness, but it becomes a little more difficult to empathize with Kanako without it. Now she just seems like a hypocritical, rampaging bitch, when she’s really not.

Kanako godzillaMizuno and Junpei get close

It’s hard to make a move when Godzilla and the paparazzi are directly across from you staring at you. But by a trip of the foot, Junpei almost ends up giving Mizuno some unexpected mouth-to-mouth. That is until Kanako breaks it up by calling Mizuno’s cell phone (doh!).

Mizuno wants to play with Junpei's catMizuno asks Kanako about Junpei

There’s something hilarious about Mizuno still wondering about playing with Nyamses. I want to see Mizuno go nuts with her. Yeah, consider this flag triggered. I’m not sure Mizuno would’ve gotten it without Nagi spilling the beans to her, but we have a bonafide flag. Hmm, where’s Junpei’s otaku friend? When Kanako admits (violently) that she’s not going out with Junpei, Mizuno starts wondering about the mailwoman who was giving Junpei a choice fanservice hug.

Mizuno wonders about boys and girlsEvil Nagi and Kanako

However, there are some questions that you just shouldn’t ask. Plus, random girl could be completely misinterpreted. That girl could’ve been Junpei’s sister or cousin for all she knows. When her question raises the ire of both Nagi and Kanako (now there’s a threesome I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of), she tries to alleviate the situation by dishing out some treats. Dog treats that is. Whoops. Nagi and Kanako both gladly accept, and promptly give to Junpei to eat.

Mizuno speaks engrishSpicy twin-tailed twin

After school Mizuno tries to track down Junpei to warn him about the dog treats. This leads to a random, but hilarious scene in which she helps a random old dude find the pharmacy, and the two finish the conversation in engrish. Having had a chance to flash her multilingual pedigree, Mizuno continues to search for Junpei and finds him… only to see him being confronted by another girl. And this one seems to know a dark secret about Junpei. Yep, next episode welcome the spicy twin-tailed uh… twins. Voiced by Haruka Tomatsu no less!

I’m looking forward to seeing the twins… and MOAR CATS!

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  1. This episode has been the best so far, and Kobayashi Yuu has really come along in her seiyuu talent. I bet you did not know her actual voice is not the one she has been using in this year’s anime, except for a small part in this episode. Listen to the last part of Nagi reading out her letter of challenge, because that is her actual voice. The gori voice she has been using all along requires a whole lot of effort to pull off, and I know because I have seen her live action (in a concert obviously watched on PC).

    The funny factor in this episode was awesome, and I doubt they can live up to it with the coming ones.
    .-= Panther´s last blog ..Current Entries for 2009 Best – Music =-.

    1. I assumed her voice would be closer to Kaede from Zetsubou Sensei, but I think it would be a blast to watch her perform in the studio going from voice to voice.

  2. Nagi has been doing some excellent shipping. If it weren’t for that meddling Kanako, Kaede and Junpei would probably be on honeymoon at this rate!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only example I can think of of a wing-woman/shipper was in Toradora, and that didn’t exactly work out keikakudoori for Minori X Ryuji and Yusaku X Taiga. I kind of think Nagi will end up like this, eventually openly falling for the guy she’s trying to help.

    1. You don’t think Nagi’s already openly fallen for the Junpei? I think the challenge letter and the marriage ultimatum were pretty telling. 😉 At the same time, I think she’s a little… what’s the right word, asexual, so I don’t think she’ll be a major player in the harem, except maybe as a foil for Kanako.

      1. She did show feelings for him, in her weird, split personality yakuza way, but then seemed to take herself out of the running to ship him with Kaede. I think she’s trying to act like she’s an ally to Junpei but will end up falling back into liking him, though at most this will only be a minor point in the romantic situation. Beside, she’s more fun as the one trying to force help her OTP together.
        .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..A random ghost appears and writes some random things =-.

        1. I think she still likes him, and if Kaede ever rejected him, would swoop right in. But yeah, I think her role is best as the uber-wing-woman, keeping Junpei safe from the clutches of Kanako and those twin-tailed twins for Kaede.

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