Nyan Koi, episode 7 – All the right angles

Nyan Koi’s been fairly consistent, but it’s getting somewhat formulaic and getting stuck in "pretty good" land. Or basically, it is what I thought it would be when the season began. The fleeting hints of Seto no Hanayome greatness were probably just that – hints. Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy this last episode, because I did. It just wasn’t anything special.

Junpei's nya-ing luggageTama's friend

There’s nothing like taking a trip to Kyoto while smuggling a cat in your luggage. I can’t remember that cat’s name, and I’m not going to bother to check since we’re never going to see him again. That cat shall be known as "Tama’s friend" from henceforth. Anyway, kudos to Junpei’s sacrifice, because I bet Tama’s friend left enough cat hair in that suitcase to last for weeks. On another note, I feel like all the Kyoto jokes went over my head.

Kyoto tour guideForeign cat gets a picture

Like for example, the tour guide woman. Was her look and mannerisms a Kyoto in-joke? I bet she had a funny accent too. The montage of her popping up in between Junpei having to help random cats was pretty funny and well paced. I bet he helped like 10 cats during this trip. He’s up to around 30 or so by my count…which means he has 5 episodes left to save the other 69 cats. Yeah, good luck with that buddy. Junpei may want to leave an offering for neko-Jizou to get him a second season to work with.

Twin tail twins under the deckBus driver reading boys love

Unfortunately, we had a lack of twins this episode. But their scene was strnagely cute. Maybe it’s the sound of Hauka Tomatsu whining and shushing herself at the same time. And lol at the random humor. The boys love reading bus driver, Junpei’s happy thumb, and the "girls are not baby-makers" quote from Junpei plays-cool-but-really-is-a-perv friend. Nyan Koi does do that well.

Kaede's nice anglesKaede and Kanako get peeked at

For an onsen episode, I thought it was pretty light on the fanservice (and thankfully free of the black hole censorship), but we did get some nice angles of Kaede. I approve.

Kanako is the third wheelKanako plays the hopeless horse

The quick visual gags of Kanako being a third wheel were great. I especially loved the picture of her being the horse. But the gags where Kanako beating the crap out of Junpei… has sort of worn itself out. I really wish AIC would explore some of Kanako’s more deredere moments from the manga, because her one-sided bitchiness is making her a magnet for fan hate. And to be fair, that fan hate is justified. I mean, when all she does is beat up Junpei, get in the way of his moments with Kaede, and then hypocritically blame him for not being honest with his feelings, you can pretty much expect people to hate her.

Cat and sonHappy and disfunctional families

No those cats above are not starring in some weird doujinshi. In a twist of fate, Tama stumbles along a small kitten who just happens to be the son of Tama’s friend. This small kitten shall be dubbed, "Neko-chan" from henceforth. Little Neko-chan may want to invest in some therapy. Because it turns out he may have some half brothers out there, because his dad’s a sleaze and apparently cheated on his mom while she was pregnant with him. The site of Neko-chan’s mom smacking her husband silly and strangling him was too hilarious. Especially in contrast to Josephine and his wife, Cindia’s very blissful marriage. Who said you couldn’t learn family values from cats?

The gang bids adieu to NagiNagi stabs Kaede in the back

What’s Nagi’s cat Josephine doing in Kyoto in the first place? Well, it turns out Kyoto is Nagi’s family’s true home, and it just so happens that they were gathering for the yearly family meeting – which basically consisted of Nagi turning down all her henchmen for marriage. Nagi’s family is doing it all wrong. She can’t marry her own henchmen. What they need to do is find another clan and match her with the head male there. Seriously, the Ichinose clan needs to be a little more on the ball. However, seeing Junpei in Kyoto has sparked the destiny card for Nagi. And it looks like ExecutiveOtaku was right and Nagi might throw her hat back into the ring. Man, I did not expect that. Seriously. What the heck happened to hoes before bros? Tsk tsk tsk.

Josephine has relationship adviceThreesome?

Josephine’s got the right idea. You gotta stop chasing after the hares and go after the grade A chicks. Hares barely have any meat on them, and chickens are much more delicious. Oh wait. What’s that? These hares were what? Metaphorical? Whoops. My bad. *Makes sheepish face. Cue laughtrack.* That’s all folks! I’m here all week. Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. The tour guide looked very much like the Kyoto tour guide in Lucky Star. I don’t know if the Lucky Star guide was a reference to something or if Nyan Koi was referencing Lucky Star though. Though it brings back memories of great puns. The LS tour guide would make great/terrible puns and the only one on the bus who would laugh was Shiraishi. He’d be rolling on the floor while everyone else was silent. My favorite was when talking about Three Year Hill (San-nen Saka) the guide said to be careful or you’d fall and it would turn into Too Bad Hill (Zannen Saka). I lol’d as hard as Shiraishi, I <3 puns. Also, the guy reading the BL book was Nabeshin of Excel Saga fame (though he didn't speak so I guess it wasn't an 'official' cameo).

    I'm glad Nagi's back in. I know I declared that Chizuru would be the one I'd ship against you if I were blogging this, but since she seems to only be an occasional background character, I'd definitely have to support Nagi. And damn her voice actor is amazing for the part. Kanako is right out, as you note, they're just not doing anything interesting with her when she could be so much more.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Comment on Inuyasha Kanketsuhen Episodes 05-06 – Magnificent Bastard by ExecutiveOtaku =-.

    1. Ah, I think you may be right about the Lucky Star reference. That would make some sense.

      Yeah, I’m glad Nagi’s back in it too. I’d still support Kaede, but without knowing how big a role the twins will play, they need a third personality to bounce things off between naive Kaede and jealous Kanako. Nagi’s sort of asexual, dual personalities is probably a good fit.

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