Nyan Koi, episode 9 – Fanservice heaven

Let it be decreed that this was the greatest pool/beach episode I’ve ever seen. If Sora no Otoshimono is fanservice done right long-term, this was fanservice done right in a one shot. Great designs, excellent animation, perfect use of chibi forms, sneaky fanservice split-second eyecatches, random appearances and that’s in just half the episode! I have no doubt in my mind that AIC is going to knock Strike Witches out of the park. Actually, there’s really not much I can say about the first half. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Part 1: Swimming

Junpei and Kaede are surprisedKanako and Junpei's friend celebrate

Heh, I knew this episode was going to be good when I saw the differences in reactions. Yuka Iguchi sounds so cute when she’s not playing Index.

Kaede and Kanako in swimsuits

Really nice use of shine effects here. I thought it really brought out the beauty of the colors and artwork.

Kaede and Junpei share a moment

For some reason, I got a kick out of seeing the typical lovey-dovey background localized as a cloud around Kaede and Junpei. It makes you realize that when they show this effect, the whole world doesn’t disappear. Instead, it’s more like a roaming cumulonimbus cloud… of love.

Kanako makes it a crowd

I also really like thick outlines AIC uses time to time. It makes the picture POP!

An indecent proposalAn indecent accusation

Has he been playing too many galges? Yes. Definitely.

Akari unplugged

Random place for an unexpected character to get accidentally stripped? Why not? Logic is for nerds.

Split second fanshot of Akari

Wow, this showed up for a split second. You missed it if you blinked. Were they just trying to squeak it by the censors? Makes those underskirt blackholes seem ridiculous in comparison.

Railgun asks the question

Railgun asks the tough questions that we all want answers to.

Kotone wants to be stalked

Still, Kotone the denpakei has shot up as perhaps my favorite in the show. Her voice is strangely sexy.

Nagi honks a bike horn

The next words out of Nagi’s mouth? How outrageous! Loved the honking bike horn sound effects during this scene. Hopefully, Junpei’s otaku friend learned that it doesn’t pay to ask permission.

Kanako counterattacksKanako and Nagi catfight

Catfight? Check. Stripping? Check. Chibi fights? Check.

Junpei's failed save attempt

Funny nyankoi faces? Check. Clumsiness? Check. Nosebleeds? Check. Nosebleeds not caused by fanservice? Hmm, that’s new.

Junpei gropes Kaede

Misunderstandings? Check. Underwater groping? Check. Is there much more to ask for? No? Can’t think of any? Well, you’re going to be surprised, because the show doesn’t stop there.

Junpei with a catKanako and Junpei help a cat

Cat in trouble? Check.

Kanako underboob

Accidental underboob? Check.

Chizuru fanservice

Totally random fanservice from the totally random hot co-ed mailwoman? Check. Geez, I think they’re just inventing categories at this point.

Kotone hearts

Final screenshot of this visual smorgasbord is Kotone breaking out in a flurry of hearts after hearing that Junpei may or may not have been looking at her "like that." Man, she is just so weird cute.

Part 2: Kanako’s confession

Kanako playing a young wifeKanako serves some food

I’ve been waiting for them to animate this Kanako-centric story, just because I think she’s been getting the short stick in the show. I’m not sure if this half episode stint will win over anybody who dislikes her, but hopefully it portrays her in a more understandable light. I think Kanako’s quite cute when she’s not in her tsuntsun, jealous mode. It was pretty funny to see her go out of her way to make sure she was the one who visited Junpei to give him their class notes. I like how she’s headstrong and has no patience for subtlety. But she has tough competition.

Kanako leans in for a kissA bad memory

Poor Kanako. She comes all the way over to help Junpei out, only to be reminded that she’s not Kaede.

Kanako is stuckKanako's dilemma

Still, it’s getting to be that time where she’s going to either have to put up or shut up. Make a move, or concede Junpei to Kaede. Otherwise, everyone gets put on standstill.