One word to describe the Shizuo-centric Durarara episode




Reminded me of this:


Shizuo is stuck in the wrong era!

Oh and Celty continues her moeblobbery 😉



Check out some more reading here:

  • "I think I might cre­ate an folder called ‘Shizuo des­troy­ing shit’. The amount of screen­caps I take of Shziuo spawned carnage is ridiculous." – The Cart Driver
  • "This episode wasn’t as fun and riotous as last week’s was, but that’s not really a bad thing because that was my favorite installment so far!" – Wakaranai
  • "One thing that I also love about these flashbacks is that they show not just one part of a character’s background, they show all of it through all kinds of ages."psgels

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