OreImo… THIS. IS. AIC!

Anime International Company, the studio that has been innovating fanservice and otaku-pandering since 1982, including such hits like…

Amagami SS

reset harem, loser kead, quiet girl, sexy hair girl, school idol, belly button kissing, knees licking, ramen fucking

Strike Witches 2

Yuri, pantsu wearing, lolis, broom rubbing, onsen bathing, and all sorts of –mimis

Sora no Otoshimono

Big-boobs, lolis, flying pantsu, dojikko, quiet girl, tsundere, magical girls, angels

Nyan Koi

Harem, forgotten childhood friend, twintail twins, denpakei, tsundere x2, cute clueless girls, nekos, nekomimis, magical girls

Mayoi Neko Overrun

Nekomimi, lost girl, tsundere, harem, maids, lolis

Asobi ni Iku yo

Aliens, nekomimi, big boobs, harem, loser lead

Brings you the new hit show of the Fall 2010 season…

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!

siscon, brocon, otaku, nekomimi, glasses girl, normal girl, doujinshi, lolis, butt wiggling, rena ryuguu wannabe

Ore no Imou is the most fascinating show of the season. Considering this is my fourth post about the show already, I think I should’ve just written about it. It’s fascinating for two reasons: 1.) it’s just a really entertaining show, snappy writing with great character designs and 2.) some way or another, it has that rare ability to create an uproar within the aniblogging community.

There seem to be two camps:

  1. Those who thrilled, because they expected a show chock full of fanservice and got it
  2. Those who are pissed, because they thought Ore no Imou was going to be something more substantial

For those in camp 2, I simply ask… Why? What about AIC’s track record could have possibly led you to believe that they would take the show with actually the most otaku-baitish title and create anything more than entertaining fanservice?

If AIC does one thing well, it’s otaku-pandering fanservice. I mean, 4 of their last 6 shows had nekomimi for goodness sake. And in 2 of them it’s the main part of the plot! (Ironically the two I didn’t watch.)

This is AIC. Fanservice. It’s what they do. Since Gonzo died, nobody does it better. And OreImo is a brilliant fanservice show. Not just the typical skinship fanservice (actually, surprisingly light on that), but the meta humor and the otaku-pandering references are just spot on. But for the second coming of Genshiken? Look somewhere else.