Ano Natsu de Matteru, Episode 11: What’s good doesn’t last forever.

I have a love & hate relationship with this show. I want to watch it, yet I can’t bear to watch it. It’s not that it’s bad or anything, but the romance in it just seems so remarkably real in comparison to some high school romances I know/experienced. Because of that, it’s a pain to watch because it invokes sentiments, but, I still believe the show is good enough to warrant me to watch it.

Did y'all miss me?

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Crunchyroll Collaboration and Giveaway!


In the last post for Nisemonogatari you may have seen a link to Crunchyroll at the bottom of the post. This is part of a Crunchyroll collaboration (or sponsortunity as Stephen Colbert might say) Rabbit Poets has engaged in. It won’t change much on the site from a content/design standpoint besides the end-of-post links you’ll see, but as part of the sponsortunity, I’m excited to announce that we’re giving away two premium 6-month memberships to Crunchyroll!

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