Nisemonogatari 05: Conmen and kids

by RP February 12, 2012

I have to admit, beyond some of the creative value of the show, the story and the characters are struggling to keep my attention. There’s a bit of been there, done that feel to Nisemonogatari. And the Kaiki/Karen angle so far lacks the power of some of last season’s stories (Senjougahara’s story aside, I think […]

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Nisemonogatari 04: Not safe for work

by RP February 5, 2012

I’ve been flying around a bit for the past few days so I’m an episode behind. I planned on watching Nisemonogatari on the plane… but then I realized that I probably would’ve been arrested at the gates for indecency.

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Ano Natsu de Matteru, Episode 2 & 3: That awkward moment…

by SabishiiMiruku January 31, 2012
I do, but I don't think you do...
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Nisemonogatari 03: An unhealthy relationship

by RP January 27, 2012

Plot progression in Nisemonogatari is a precious commodity – the show is so character driven that whenever it does move the plot along there’s usually a lot of weight behind it.

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Nisemonogatari 02: It’s mostly porn

by RP January 16, 2012

I got around to thinking about Araragi’s life and what a sweet deal he has.

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AnoNatsu First Impressions

by SabishiiMiruku January 15, 2012
Since when did this guy know my tricks?

A potentially weird love story from student to teacher, a student to alien, and another student to the latter student. Weird, but still a better love story than Twilight.

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Mouretsu Pirates First Impressions

by SabishiiMiruku January 15, 2012

SOPA is not going to like this anime.

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Nisemonogatari 01: Sexy angles, teases and conversational judo

by RP January 9, 2012

In a lot of ways Bakemonogatari Nisemonogatari reminds me of Seinfeld – lots of entertaining, witty dialogue overshadowing the fact that not much actually happens in many of the episodes.

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Two random blokes chat about the Winter 2012 season

by RP January 3, 2012

Every “season preview” is an experiment for me. Experiment in styles and formats. For a long time, I tried to highlight key bits of information. For this season I’ve decided to take a complete 180, go barebones and focus on entertainment – or what I hope is entertainment. This is basically just an edited conversation […]

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Top 10 Anime Shows of 2011.

by Triple_R December 30, 2011
The Final Countdown

It’s the Final Countdown! Please follow along with me as I go through my final countdown for this “Anime Year in Review” series. So far I’ve focused on characters, but now I will focus on the shows themselves. I present to you what, in my view, where the Ten Best Anime Shows of 2011!

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