Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011

by Triple_R December 29, 2011
Madoka Magica group pic prime

As promised, here’s the next part in my three-part 2011 Anime Year in Review series. From the Top 10 Male Anime Characters of 2011 we now move on to the fairer sex, as we count down the Top 10 Female Anime Characters of 2011. As for why I’m promoting this with a Madoka Magica group […]

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Rabbit Poets – Three years and then some

by RP December 28, 2011

Rabbit Poets was actually born in October 2008, so technically it’s already 3 years old, but I tend to celebrate the anniversaries close to the last day of the year, because a.) that’s when I became more serious about writing regularly and b.) frankly, it’s just easier to remember that way. Still, my relative absence […]

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Anime Year in Review: Top 10 Male Characters of 2011

by Triple_R December 26, 2011

Over the next few days, I intend to put up a series of blog entries here on Rabbit Poets, all with the goal of looking back on what proved to be a coolly captivating comeback year for anime. These blog entires will focus on the characters, and anime shows, that I felt contributed the most […]

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Fate/Zero’s dysfunctional love triangle

by RP November 16, 2011

Who knew Fate/Zero would turn out to be a melodramatic love triangle? Love the job Satoshi Tsuruoka is doing with Caster – perfectly creepy and insane.

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Why Gen Urobuchi is taking the anime world by storm.

by Triple_R November 3, 2011
Gen Urobuchi

2011 has been a really riveting renaissance year for anime, as we’ve seen anime Blu-Ray sales stunningly soar, and strong new offerings in the magical girl and sci-fi genres, both of which had badly needed some scintillating sparks to move them forward again. Perhaps no lone person has played a bigger role in this year […]

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Chihayafuru Episode 2: Childhood Troubles

by Sophy October 25, 2011

True to his words in episode 1, Taichi got the entire class to ignore Chihaya. She doesn’t mind the mistreatment and tells Taichi that he shouldn’t be mean to Arata. She blurts out how great Arata is at karuta and could beat the entire class. Taichi takes on this challenge and says that it shall […]

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Persona 4: A game or an anime?

by RP October 21, 2011

To me, every anime adaptation of a game has felt like they took a game and tried to shoehorn an anime out of it. It’s always been obvious to me. Will Persona 4 be different?

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Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing First Impressions- Steampunk’s Weird

by Lemmi October 19, 2011

Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing is the sequel to 2003’s Last Exile, which won my bronze award for being significantly better than most anime, but still not within spitting distance of some of the titans of the industry. While the first series focused on the journey of two friends as they delivered a […]

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Chihayafuru First Impression: Beauty in Vain

by Sophy October 17, 2011

Chihaya enters high school with hopes of starting a karuta club. This is definitely considered weird among her classmates and friends. They wonder why a beautiful girl, who is also the younger sister of a popular model, would be interested in such a boring game like that.

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Maken-Ki! First Impressions

by SabishiiMiruku October 15, 2011
Eyecatching eyecatch is very eyecatching.

Holy shizznits.

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