A video game bonanza

by RP May 7, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post reviews of games I’ve been playing for a couple months now. But things came up and one thing led to another and… So instead here’s a cornucopia of non-review impressions instead.

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Sengoku Basara, episode 5 – All thriller, no filler

by RP May 6, 2009

Back to the action in this episode. Unfortunately, there’s no new tricks this time around – unless you count Honda the samurai Gundam – but there’s plenty of old favorites to enjoy. And the wait continues for both Kenshin and Nobunaga to get in the action. Massive numbers of soldiers only exist to be blown […]

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Melancholy of Haruhi-chan 23, 24 and Nyoron Churuya-san 12… and a Haruhi-chan OP?

by RP May 4, 2009

Haruhi-chan ONA 23, ONA 24 and Churuya-san 12. I didn’t realize ONAs got their own OPs too. But this is Haruhi, so Kadokawa must realize that anything remotely Haruhi-related is merchadisable. It’s called Ima Made no Arasuji and features the whole cast. It’s ah… probably what you’d expect to hear from Haruhi-chan, hectic and pretty […]

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Spice and Wolf II, episode 00 – The OVA

by RP May 2, 2009

My favorite animated female not named Haruhi Suzumiya is back in this one-shot OVA bridging the first and second seasons.

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K-ON! episode 5 – Mugi x Sawako flag triggered!

by RP May 1, 2009

Yes! Recycled joke! I’m going to keep this joke going until KyoAni stops triggering flags. What if KyoAni decided to take all of their visual novel experience and turn K-ON! into a yuri romance shoujo comedy? Mio x Yui. Mugi x Sawako. Ritsu x Ui. It’d be a harbinger of otakus gone wild. I’m amused […]

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Sengoku Basara, episode 4 – Drawing the lines

by RP April 29, 2009

There were zero battles in this episode, unless you count Takeda’s punching of Sanada or Nobunaga’s quick humiliation of Azai, but I still enjoyed this episode quite a bit, because of the buildup. Not every episode can break new barriers of GAR, but that’s ok, as long as the story’s moving to a conflict or […]

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Melancholy of Haruhi-chan #21 and 22 and Nyoron Churuya-san #11

by RP April 27, 2009

You know the drill: Churuya 11 subbed. Haruhi 21 subbed. Haruhi 22 subbed. Nyoron Churuya #11

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Shou Tucker, you suck

by RP April 26, 2009

Spoilers after the break. You’ve been warned. Nina and Alexander enjoying the good life

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Kurokami: Black God, episode 13 – Screw you guys, I’m going home

by RP April 25, 2009

I’d read good things about KK #13. Read that it was the best episode since the first episode. Even read some comments that it felt like a whole new show. So I watched it, somewhat skeptical, but with a renewed hope in mind. Conclusion? No, it still sucks. Nothing’s changed. The show still looks cheaply […]

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K-ON! episode 4 – Mio x Yui flag triggered!

by RP April 24, 2009

Ever since Yui grabbed Mio by the hand and indulged in the softness of her fingers, Mio had been confused by the growing pressure in her chest and the shortness of breath she experienced every time Yui would say hello, or brush by her. As they continued to grow closer, practicing for the upcoming school […]

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