Persona 4 jumping to the top of “must see” lists

I know I’m late to the bus here, as far as P4 anime news is concerned, but I can’t wait to see this animated. Beyond the fact that it was a fantastic game with a great involving story (which I wrote about before), it’s looking like a solid cast and crew is forming for it.

No surprises as far as cast is concerned, at least so far, Daisuke Namikawa, Ami Koshimizu, Yui Horie and Shotaro Morikubo have been confirmed to return to reprise their game voices as Protagonist (I don’t remember him saying anything in the game, but apparently Namikawa was the guy who remained silent), Yukiko, Chie and Yosuke. My guess is that Tomakazu Seki, Romi Paku, Kugimiya and Kappei Yamaguchi will also be in the show to be Kanji, Rise, Naoto and Teddie. All in all, it’s an all star voice cast.

But more exciting is Seiji Kishi will be directing the show. Also known as the guy who directed probably my favorite anime comedy of all time, Seto no Hanayome, as well as Tentai Senshi Sunred and Angel Beats – both solid shows as well. Kishi paces shows fairly well and has a great comedic knack which should help maintain P4’s relatively lighthearted atmosphere. So P4 should be in much better hands than say… the previous Persona: Trinity Soul anime. Additionally, AIC ASTA will be producing the show. Sure AIC is known for turning everything into an ecchi-fest, but ASTA has also done Tentai Senshi Sunred and their stuff has always looked really good – especially Sora no Otoshimono.

No dates yet – as far as I know – but P4 just rose to the top of my “must see” watchlist.