Rabbit Poets featured on AnimeBlips? Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

I hate talking about myself. Doing so makes me blush brighter than Hinagiku sharing a moment in an onsen. Even my "site stuff" category is very bare. In the near year I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve written a site-introspective post just 4 times. One being my standard "hello world" post, and the last one way back in February when I finally replaced the standard Atahualpa horticultural header images with something more fitting.

Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

When Robyn over at AnimeBlips contacted me about being a featured blog, I thought, "whoa, no way!" (in more of a Keanu Reeves-like incredulous tone, then a negative tone). When I started this blog, I never even expected to write on a regular basis, much less be profiled by one of the largest anime news/blog aggregator. But I figured what the heck, when else am I ever going to get this chance. And voila, Rabbit Poets is now the featured blog of the week.

So I won’t say any more about it. Go check out the article, read what I have to say, and log-in and click the triangle vote button so I don’t feel like the only loser who clicked the button. And then go root around AnimeBlips to show your support. Much thanks to Robyn and AnimeBlips for giving me my 5 minutes in the spotlight! And thanks to all those who’ve visited, left comments and made this fun along the way!

(Oh, and thank goodness for backups, because I just realized all my images from June were broken, because the folder was missing for some strange reason.)

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