RP’s First Anime Con

Or how the Biggie-Tupac feud really started.


So it’s not exactly Anime Expo, which I think is perhaps the most popular anime con in the US. But AnimeNext, the east coast’s answer to Anime Expo (I have no idea if that’s true, but let’s go with it). Either way, this will be my first con. I’m not sure what to expect – did somebody say… WEABOOS!? OTAKUS!? Hmm… maybe I should rethink this.

I kid, I kid.

I don’t have anything in particular I’m looking forward to. I think it’d be pretty cool to see some cosplayers (or rather, good cosplayers). What’s the picture taking etiquette with them? Do you ask for permission, or is that assumed, being that you’re dressing up and all.

I also wouldn’t mind if there were some opportunities to buy some swag… cheaply. But from what I’ve heard, the words: “cheap” and “con” don’t seem to go together often. Otherwise, consider me a blank canvas, tell me what to see, what I should keep a lookout for.

Also, if any other anibloggers are attending A-Next and want to meet up for lunch, dinner, drinks or just cosplayer ogling, tweet me up. I’m already meeting up with Bokutachi no Blog’s blindability, so the more the merrier.