Sometimes a bromance is better than a romance #TwelveDays #12

CCY has come out of retirement for his yearly holiday project, so of course, I had to oblige. Even though I had the most bastard of times trying to come up with 12 memories. Either I’m going senile, or this past anime season just wasn’t very memorable.


Durarara wasn’t that great. It certainly wasn’t nearly anywhere near Baccano’s zip code. And DRRR just tailed off in the second half, as the plotline devolved into Izaya basically trying to turn everyone in town into a cast member of Twilight.

But thankfully, there was one Shizuo Hewajima around to steal every scene and foil Izaya’s lame plans. Ok, maybe that’s not quite how the anime ended, but that’s the picture I’ve painted in my mind. The Shizzy and Izaya-kun dynamic (which I’m sure drove the BL writers wild) was scads more interesting than the handful of other odd relationships in the show, mostly because every meeting between the two seemed to end with large machinery being tossed around. I’m not saying I condone domestic violence, but hey, if you’re gonna throw something, throw a fridge.