Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 6 – Will you be gentle to me?

Horo wants to mateBe gentle to Horo

This is not a fair question to ask. But the answer is always yes, right? What? Not tonight? Nooooo!!! Horo, you tease!!!

Horo and Amati getting it onWolf and feathers

Have you ever been in a situation where by circumstances you knew you were going to see a girl (or guy) you liked (if life were like anime, you’d probably be meeting seeing her and her friends at an onsen, or a summer trip to the beach), and so the night before, you spend all night planning out what will happen. You think about the opportunities where you might get a moment alone with her, or maybe you think of some ways to create those opportunities as well. You think about all the cool, suave things you’re going to say. Then you plan out responses for all her possible responses, all of which get her more and more hot and bothered under the collar. And then, the momentous day finally comes!… and then goes away. And at the end of the day, you realize you didn’t get a single moment alone with her. You said zero cool things. And if you even got to say something, you’re sure you sounded or looked like a total tool, and you realize all that planning you did – total waste of time.

Lawrence freaks outA devoted Lanto

I mention this, because that’s the way Lawrence probably felt about the last couple days, and that’s the way I sort of feel about the last couple eps. While it’s certainly no surprise that Horo ended back up with Lawrence. And I suspected that she was the one who’d bought the pyrite from Deanna. I was disappointed to learn that she was just really trying to screw over Amati as much as possible, and all of Lawrence’s insane scenario planning would’ve been unnecessary, if he hadn’t simply overreacted to Horo’s "I’m sorry." I would’ve much rather have learned that Horo struggled with her decision to stick with Lawrence, and was only won over by his frantic efforts.

Deanna's negotiations have failedLanto loves Horo

I’m disappointed because it sort of invalidates all of the drama from the last couple episodes. While there was definitely some important developments – particularly Lawrence’s realization of what Horo means to him (even though he still can’t put it into words – freaking tsundere) – it cheapened both the main deal that Lawrence had with Amati, as well as the side deal as well. Which took up the bulk of the last couple episodes. Oh and by my final scorecard, Lawrence got KO’d by Amati, and then Amati got surprise TKO’d by Lawrence’s manager, Horo.

Lawrence and Horo make a salespice-and-wolf-8

Ultimately yes, the decision was never not Horo’s to make. Amati could’ve won the side deal, the main deal, ruined Lawrence, but still lost Horo if she decided to stay with Lawrence. Or conversely, Lawrence could have pulled off a miracle, beat Amati in both the side and main deals, but still lost Horo to Amati. So the bets themselves – at least for the true reward – were meaningless. But when you build up 2 and a half episodes around those bets, building up a economics-driven showdown, but then you don’t play that out at the resolution, it makes the ending feel random and a little hollow. It’s sort of like repeating time 15,532 times and then finally breaking through by having a group homework day… Of course, it’s not nearly that bad.

Deanna the birdHoro's fuzzy tail

Still… I’m happy that Horo and Lawrence are back together. While I like the economics stuff in this show, I was seriously suffering from Horo withdrawal. So getting a lot of Horo screen time in the second half was like finding a well in the middle of a desert. I love how Horo’s tail gets all fuzzy when she’s upset, I like how her ears flop down when she’s sad, and I, of course, missed her teasing as well.

But I’m glad we’re moving to the next arc. This one started off real strong, was really interesting in the middle, but then whimped out at the end, but I still enjoyed it. I got a kick out of Lawrence’s wild imagination of Horo and Amati. And I cracked up when Lanto confessed about Horo as well. Hopefully we get to see a little more of Deanna in the future too. I’m curious about her background and would like to see her in bird form as well.

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  1. I have the exact same problem with this episode as you. The fact that Horo was on his side the whole time made the intense argument in episode 3 a lot less significant and kinda detracted from the overall quality of this arc.

    One thing you didn’t mention was how Horo said that Amarti said something to her that she couldn’t forgive. It makes you wonder that, if he hadn’t said whatever he said, would Horo have been so eager to ruin him?
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..Canaan Episodes Five & Six =-.

    1. I wondered about what Amati might’ve said, but dismissed it as irrelevant, because I think Horo had her mind set anyway, and I guess whatever he said was just the nail in the coffin.

  2. I strongly disagree. This is because Lawrence developed alot emotionally from this arc and now he still has a goal in mind. So while his efforts may have been useless, what he gained and learned from those efforts are not. Not to mention Horo knowing afterward to what extent he went shows her how much he cares about her.

    1. I agree partly, and I said as much that Lawrence’s realization was definitely a very important development. But since Horo had made up her mind anyway. Actually from the point where she said “I’m sorry,” seeing how far Lawrence went for her was just sort of like a cherry on top. But what I thought was disappointing was that she would’ve stuck with him anyway, even if he hadn’t tried to wheel and deal himself to victory.

  3. I agree … This really did leave a very.. “Underdone” feeling to the end of this whole battle. But I do feel that, since it brought on the whole “Lawrence finally realizes what he thinks of Horo” thing, it was still worth it, but everything else that could have meant something from this wasn’t really brushed upon.

    From the Beginning I knew Horo wouldn’t go with Amarty. From the last season and all that, you just kind of understand Horo as a Loyal person, who wouldn’t exactly over-react over something like the Yoitsu situation. I wasn’t expecting her to go off with Amarty for 6 more episodes, or anything.

    And I, personally, loved that Horo apparently hated Amarty so much she wanted to bash him into dirt. Since I felt the same way! She said he said something she couldn’t forgive. It’s a rather cheap way out on the Director’s part, but it makes me happy enough to think “Horo had her reasons.”

    Can’t wait to move on, though. Horo needs a full episode of Cute-shots to make up for her absence.
    Also, i’ve heard like 2 or 3 new tracks in the Soundtrack this season. I wonder if they’re gonna release a new OST?
    But with only those 3 new tracks so far, it’d be a small CD.. I still want it, though.
    This series has one of the most unique soundtracks I’ve heard in an Anime!

    1. I cracked up when someone in the background yelled “that’s what you get for trying to steal someone else’s woman” when Amati was paying up to Lawrence. Even though I think Amati was running circles around Lawrence, he was a fool for trusting Horo so blindly.

      Yeah, I love the soundtrack for the show. It’s quite unique and whimsical. Perfect for playing while plowing some hay or something like that. 😉

  4. Yeah, this episode was pretty anticlimactic, despite the surprisingly (and ridiculously) tense “battle” scene. I laughed and laughed as that scene prolonged – I had more fun watching that “battle” then I had business to 🙂

    I vehemently disagree that Lawrence “lost” to Amarti. I mean, if Horo hadn’t been involved, Lawrence would have owned Amarti all over the place because Deanna would have given him the Pyrite by default. But Horo just couldn’t let Lawrence win on his own, she HAD to upstage him. She could have forfeited the Pyrite at Deanna’s on her second visit and let Lawrence win, but instead she asked Deanna to LIE to him. Big mistake!

    Horo makes so many mistakes, yet accepts none of them. She’s desperately lucky she has a loving doormat that will willing soak up all the blame to save her pride. Hell, he proved that he doesn’t really need her, in the grand scheme of things. He came up with the same plan, after all, all by himself, and didn’t need her help in the slightest. It should now be crystal clear why he’s still with her.

    There were just too many neat little details in this episode that make up for the anticlimactic “resolution”:
    – The fact that Lawrence really is a good merchant when Horo isn’t beside him.
    – His amazing capacity to forgive her for everything, and accept responsibility even for her mistakes.
    – Mark’s assistant giving Lawrence the emotional support that Horo couldn’t.
    – Deanna messing with Horo, so Horo would realize Lawrence loves her.
    – The fact that Horo still seems to be selectively avoiding that topic.
    – The fact that she missed that their bond may be ever stronger than she was hoping.
    – The fact that she was so embarrassed that her clever signs weren’t so clever after all.
    – The fact that she resorted to senseless violence (three times!) and an awful flirt because she couldn’t really get angry at him.
    – The fact that Lawrence seemed to sense that she wasn’t ready to hear his true feelings.

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