Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 9 – Jealousy is selling your soulmate

The title doesn’t make any sense if you think about it, but I thought it sounded cool. We get another episode with a healthy dose of Horo x Lawrence banter, not much development on the main storyline and then one heckuva cliffhanger at the end. Everyone wants Horo! (With good reason!)

Lawrence pondersJealous Horo?

Horo revels in Lawrence's soulHoro learns to count

The whole jealousy discussion and the color of each other’s souls was quite the sight to see. The first 1/3 of the episode consists merely of Horo and Lawrence going back and forth. Is Horo a jealous, possessive one? Or is that how Lawrence wants Horo to be, as Horo claims. But the again, the episode did start off with Horo racing past Lawrence in a jelous huff. And what color is Lawrence’s soul? Is it died the color of Horo? And what of Horo? What color is her soul? She replies that it’s probably various colors and eggs Lawrence on, pestering him about how many partners she’s had. Lawrence doesn’t bite at first, perhaps disappointing Horo who no doubt seemed to be looking to raise a jealous ire. But eventually, he breaks and asks in a fit of jealousy, perhaps taking Horo back a bit.

The talk between the two was just fascinating to watch. Now, I don’t really care how many partners Horo’s had (that depends on if you’re counting her wolf partners according to the MAL forums – where’s a convenient Horo facepalm pic when I need it?), but I did find it interesting to watch Horo claim she wasn’t the jealous type, and then try to reverse roles by trying to get Lawrence jealous of her partners. Perhaps this is a fair game to play considering that Lawrence has had friendly relations with Chloe, Nora, Dianna and now the latest bishoujo, Fruhl. Horo can’t help but be in a constant state of competition, while Lawrence tends to get somewhat of a free ride, depending on what you thought of Amati. This season seems to be all about building the bond between Horo and Lawrence by stressing it to the max.

Another cute nunRigolo laughs

And just as they wrap up their conversation about jealousy, Horo’s ire is raised by another cute girl, this time a nun. This is all unbeknownst to Lawrence, but it doesn’t stop Horo from comedically stomping his foot in a jealous rage.

I must say, Rigolo looked considerably different from what I expected based on Fruhl’s description. Who knew she was such a jokester. Still, I think it’s telling that Rigolo trusts Lawrence and Horo so much based on Fruhl’s word. We’ll have to keep this in mind for the revelation at the end. While, there’s little revealed about the 50-man meeting, Horo does get to check out some books and legends to take home for bedtime reading.

Smexy HoroLawrence pats Horo

It’s remarkable that these two haven’t kissed yet. Lawrence is either a superman or a eunuch to be able to have resisted Horo’s smexy charm for so long. Even her less smexy moments like when she flops over on the bed aren’t really a turnoff. However, I do wonder if Lawrence was simply playing along when Horo talked about what she was most afraid of, or if he really had no idea. It’s hard to fathom how he couldn’t know what her fears are, considering all that happened in the last arc, but he doesn’t give any sign in this scene or in the next that he’s aware.

Fruhl, Lawrence and the InnkeeperFruhl wants Horo

Which leads us to the final portion of the episode. A benign conversation between Fruhl, Lawrence and the reticent owner of the Inn takes a very interesting turn when Fruhl asks Lawrence if he’s willing to sell Horo. Amati again? Probably not. But I loved how they directed the last scenes with the pan out from Horo onto the town. I don’t know what Fruhl’s got in mind, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt based on Rigolo’s and the Innkeeper’s faith in her character. But still, her situation with the stone statues and being cut off by the church, would lead me to think that she might be in desperate straits, so we can’t completely rule out more sinister motives.

For anyone that’s been hoping for movement in the plot, things should get very interesting next episode.