Spring 2009 First Impressions: 07-Ghost

Just some random thoughts that ran through my head as I got around to watching some of the season’s premieres. On tap? 07-Ghost, the second worst title of the season next to Requiem ~Requiem for the Phantom~.

Fansub group: Dattebayo

Things I liked:

  • Solid animation, good action sequences.
  • Promising ending, a nice turnaround for a mediocre beginning.
  • Ringwraiths in the OP

Things I didn’t like:

  • Mikage, stop winking at Teito. And no, sharing beds is not cool.
  • Character designs were meh.
  • Another lead with childhood amnesia!? Geez, people are so fragile.

Random other thoughts:

This may be my last first impression post of the season as it’s probably unlikely that I’ll watch any of the other spring shows that are on right now. 07-Ghost flew under my radar this season, but I picked this up at the behest of zilch, who mentioned that it was worth checking out. It felt sort of like Chrome Shelled Regios at first (not a good thing), but it got better in the second half, once Teito realized that Ayanami killed Teito’s father years earlier, and decided to go for Ayanami’s jugular. Not bad for a so called softee. No sign of those so called Ghosts, but they were in the OP, so I imagine they’ll be showing up soon. I’m interested to see where they fit into all this.

Studio DEEN’s done some good shows that fall into the dark/action vein. Most notably the Higurashi series, but also Fate/Stay Night and the Hell Girl series, so at the very least I’m sure they’ll be able to knock out the dark vibe.

Oh, on a separate note, don’t bother reading the character profiles on MAL. Apparently, some major character is killed at the end. I averted my eyes maybe a second late, so I’m going to try to forget the names in that sentence. Stupid spoilers.

Damn wraiths always after my preciousss

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