Ano Hana


Anohana has ended up as a superbly sparkling success, as it is both commercially soaring, and critically acclaimed. And yet, as good as Anohana was, I have to admit a slight degree of surprise over this. Which is why I spent some time puzzling over just what made Anohana become received so well by domestic […]

Of the flower we saw that day, because everyone was crying and wailing and stabbing each other in the back like Machiavellian assholes.

Fantastic, fantastic episode. Honestly, the direction, the music, the tension, the artwork, everything about this episode was done perfectly. I still don’t dig the everyone can see Menma development, but I forgot all about it while watching Ano Hana this week. Honestly, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this was one of […]

It’s full blown spectacle time as Menma the friendly ghost goes into “let’s be friendly” mode with all her previously reality-bound friends.

This was the first episode where I thought Ano Hana stirred the melodrama plot unnecessarily. It also, in my opinion, takes a huge gamble towards the end, by getting a lot more liberal with how it uses Menma.

Note: Due to a family emergency, I’ll be taking over Ano Hana from Sophy. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Baseball time

Ok, spring preview. This is typically my soapbox to bitch about how it’s incredibly late, how putting it together is a pain in the ass, and how the new season is going to suck. But… hey, baseball has begun so might as well kick back and enjoy. Plus, the new season doesn’t look that bad. […]