Hayate no Gotoku, episode 24 – Hina’s confession

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Hina-heavy episode. I’ve been zetsubou shita ever since they replaced the Hina ED with the other ED that I always skip over. But Hina (and Hamster) were back in force!

Hina, Nishizawa and sakura trees

I just loved the colors in this scene, the pinks, the dark purples, the blues. It gives off such a wintry, exotic vibe. It also blends really well with Hina and Nishizawa’s hair colors.

Hina's scared of heightsNishizawa asks Hina

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Hayate no Gotoku, episode 17 – Hinagiku! Nishizawa! Onsen! Kyaaa!

Why didn’t I just go ahead and write about this show from the start? Of course, even I didn’t know all the awesome (and Hina) that Hayate no Gotoku would deliver this season, this episode being featuring the latest Hina-Nishizawa hot spiciness, and the typical silly comedy that makes HnG so great. This episode had so much fertile material, I’m looking forward to the ever so enjoyable Hontouni’s THREESOME posts for this episode.

Miki feels up Hina
Now that’s a hug. Miki knows what’s up.

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Hina is the real top waifu (and everyone else in Hayate no Gotoku is a close 2nd)

Hina’s a tsundere through and through. The kind that blushes in her dreams. The kind that blushes when she wakes up in the morning. The kind who punches out lovestruck Kois. The kind that can get your blood running with one fiery look. I can’t believe that Mio outplaced her in the Top 10 Waifus survey. That is damn blasphemy if I may say so myself.



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H-I-N-A Hinagiku!

So in the time that I haven’t been completely sucked in by Persona 4, I’ve basically put the Hayate no Gotoku ED – Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi iro! – on non-stop loop. Rated by Mikotoism as the top ED of Spring 2009, I can’t help but agree fully. If a song could personify Hina perfectly, this would be it. It’s cute, it’s quirky (~everybody poe poe), the lyrics fit perfectly, it’s undeniably catchy, and I just can’t get enough.

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Hinagiku no Gotoku for real!

Just saw this on Tenka Seiha, but it’s Hinagiku no Gotoku for real! I had to watch this a couple times to believe my eyes. Did JC Staff see my previous Hinagiku post and decide to call my bet and raise me infinity? I’m overusing the word, but this is even more brilliant than the Maria+Holic finale.

Greatest. ED. Ever.