Baseball time

Ok, spring preview. This is typically my soapbox to bitch about how it’s incredibly late, how putting it together is a pain in the ass, and how the new season is going to suck. But… hey, baseball has begun so might as well kick back and enjoy. Plus, the new season doesn’t look that bad. […]

Maria+Holic had a lot going for it. A zany premise, excellent character designs, a maid to kill for, a ridiculously attractive trap, an ecchi yuri lead to tie it together, and SHAFT/Shinbo to give it that touch of zaniness that only they can do. All the pieces were in place for an all-time epic comedy. […]

So what’s the best way to end a show starring a nosebleeding, perverted yuri who enters an all-girl school to find the yuri love of her life (and ogle a school full of delicious Betties while she’s at it), and ends up rooming with the most beautiful girl on campus – except that she’s actually […]

Woohoo for ggcaust continuing to sub the show. I think I read that it’s most of the gg TL team continuing, so you got the same style and quality. Slightly later release date, but that’s a tradeoff I can live with. On the plus side, there was a lot more Mariya in this ep. I’m […]

GG is apparently taking a break for a while. As a thank you gift, they’ve left us with two versions of the latest episode of Maria+Holic. One in which Mariya plays a reverse trap 50-year old genius doctor with a vicodin addiction, and another in which Mariya is the moe, fanservice-friendly trap that we can’t […]

…and in the water, and on the walls, and on the ground, and ALL OVER the Virgin Mary Statue. Good God, what have we done?

Remember what was supposed to happen from last week? I don’t either, and neither does Maria+Holic (something about Kanako’s birthday gift to Yuzuru?). But we’re moving onto bigger and better things. It’s the Virgin Mary Festival time, which to Kanako means all the hot young nubile girls get dressed up in angel gear and go […]

Note to self. Don’t invite God to play Clue. She solves all mysteries.

Kanako asks the tough questions that need to be asked Remember how I was complaining about not enough Mariya and Matsurika for the past couple weeks? You know how Kanako’s blood loss for the last couple weeks had tapered off? Turns out there was a correlation. So now we got DOUBLE the Mariya and like […]

I’m a little disappointed that Maria+holic has given more of the balance of screen time to Kanako than Mariya/Matsurika, as I think Kanako’s a little too predictable to carry the show for long stretches of time, but this episode made up for it by giving God a lot more action and by mixing in some […]