I guess I’m in Japan

by RP on September 3, 2012 · 4 comments

Gachapon machines

Sorry this update was a long time coming.

Rabbit Poets was actually born in October 2008, so technically it’s already 3 years old, but I tend to celebrate the anniversaries close to the last day of the year, because a.) that’s when I became more serious about writing regularly and b.) frankly, it’s just easier to remember that way. Still, my relative absence […]

Interrupting your regularly scheduled program with breaking news…

Or how the Biggie-Tupac feud really started.

Apparently, I’ve had an Anime Planet account since December of 2009. At least that’s what my import history tells me. But it’s only with the recently unbearable MyAnimeList slowdowns that I decided to give AP a fair chance. I thought I’d take more time writing this post, but for whatever reason, it came together pretty […]

Weening myself off MAL

by RP on January 8, 2011 · 21 comments

Unfortunately, MAL has been getting slower and more unusable lately. Apparently to the point where I’m subjecting myself to Endless Eighting Mushishi episodes.

Preschool of the dead

by RP on October 14, 2010 · 1 comment

Moe is back. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Much thanks to all who’ve been checking out the aniblog tourney and participating. A congrats to my more than worthy opponent, JanaiBlog. And an especial thanks to everyone and anyone that cast a vote for me. I couldn’t have won without you. Wait, what? I didn’t win? Tied? A tie? For real? Yep, for real! […]

I’ll let Nathan’s comment tell the story, but long story short, Rabbit Poets has won an award! Well, it’s not really an award per se, but more like general recognition – and it comes with a badge! (now on the About page). Either way, it’s an honor. Sadly, no top 5 placing, but I can’t […]

Well, it’s been a long trip, but I’m back home… even though I wish I was still traveling =). I never realized how much fun it’d be. Next time I go to Japan though, I’m going to learn more of the language in advance. By the end of the trip I was getting around ok, […]