The 2009 Not-So-Crystal Ball

Obviously, this is a very newbie blog. I didn’t actually start this with the intention to post often (although the amount of free time I had during Christmas week allowed me to post much more than I would’ve ever expected), I didn’t intend to do any episode recaps/reviews or anything like that. But as I got around to doing so, I found that it was actually pretty fun to do.

So here’s my plans for the new year:

Winter 2009

The winter lineup doesn’t look nearly as strong as the fall lineup did, so I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to pick up yet. Here’s a few possibilities:

Kurokami (Black God) is one of the few shows I’m looking forward to, though with the Bandai licensing, I wonder if fansub groups will stay away from it, which would obviously impact my ability to watch and write about it.

I watched the first episode of Maria+Holic, and was pleasantly surprised by it, so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll write about it. Plus it seems like gg will be subbing it, and they’ve been both quick and good subbers from what I’ve seen from them.

The only other possibility right now is Minami-Ke Okaeri, really only because I loved the original Minami-Ke so much. Unfortunately, asread, who produced the considerably inferior second season, is producing the third season as well. Apparently, they also helped produce Ga-rei zero, so maybe they’ve learned some lessons. Hopefully. Because that second season was bad.

Otherwise, all the other shows for the season seem underwhelming or are sequels to shows I haven’t watched before. These down times aren’t necessarily bad though. It’ll give me a chance to catch up on the shows I’ve been planning to watch, finish the ongoing fall (and summer) shows like Soul Eater and Tales of the Abyss, and also wrap up the fall shows that I stopped following because they sucked (like Rosario 2 and Yozakura Quartet).

But in case you’re wondering what’s on the horizon, there’s a good synopsis over at Josh’s Anime Blog and a full series listing, including times and channels, at the fansub wiki.

For the blog


Getting a jump on the new season will give me a chance to follow and write about a show from start to finish, instead of jumping in the middle or marathoning at the end, which will be nice. Hopefully this’ll give me the opportunity to:

  • get some regular readers (ha!)
  • engage in some good, sustained discussion around the shows and episodes

To be honest, point B is the main reason I’m writing. I like hearing what other people think. I like going back and forth with people about episodes, events, shows, etc. I mean, that’s what makes things cool and interesting right?

Design and format:

After much experimentation, I think I’ve finally figured out the format I want. Originally I wanted to go the 3 pictures across route, similar to subculture or random curiosity, but doing so forced me to shrink my right sidebar more than I wanted to. And after thinking about it, I want to avoid having too many screenshots on each post anyway (it’s the most time consuming part of writing a post), and since I typically don’t write full episode summaries per se (watch the episode!), 2 pictures across just made more sense. However, there’s still some tweaking I’ll plan on doing. Umm… you probably didn’t care about all that, but I felt like writing it, so there you go.

Design-wise, I like this template a lot. It’s clean, it’s flexible and it stretches for widescreen views. I do need to work on some banners to replace those random berries and fruits that show up at the top though.

Long story short, I have pretty modest goals for the blog. In the end, I’ll be pretty content as long as I’m having fun writing something that people out there hopefully find interesting or useful. Anything else is just cherries on top. Happy new year!

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