The Idolm@ster First Impressions

Wait…What are their names again?

Sorry, I only remember you Azusa-chan...

Okay, in today’s world, what does it take to be an idol? Is it the killer dance moves? Is it the siren-like vocals? Is it the curvaceous body? Is it because of the moe moe kyun? Well actually, to be an idol, you need to have all of those. Wait. I lied. You actually only need one out of the many specialties listed above; however, the term “idol” is very specific to Japan, thus being moe is ABSOLUTELY required.

Oops…Looks like I got a bit sidetracked there, but who cares, this show is about idols, so…Yeah, you get the point.

Anyways, I started off watching The Idolm@ster with more hopes than a good kid on Christmas eve. Although I wasn’t particularly disappointed, I wasn’t amazed either. It lacked the “dazzle” that the original Idolm@ster games had, but yet, had a refreshing feel to it, especially since I watched it at 2AM.

Well, what does The Idolm@ster give you? Since it is an all-girls music show, you can expect some kawaii comedy, a lot of moe characters, and some good original music.  However, it does lack that “otaku attraction” feel to it that was heavily present in K-ON. Thus, what I’m saying is that Idolm@ster in no way can be compared to K-ON in terms of  success…or at least at this moment.

You wanted me to talk fanservice, you've got it.

So in the last 2 first impressions posts that I’ve made, I’ve gotten quite a bit of  feedback on me lacking to talk about the fanservice present in the shows. That’s right, I’m looking at you, Snippy, Inushinde/Lemmi, and Bass. In The Idolm@ster, wo do get to see a lot of fanservice, albeit a lot loss ecchi than that of Mayo Chiki!, but still considered ero. What type of fanservice does Idolm@ster show, you ask? Nothing over the top, no nipples like Seikon no Qwaser nor pantsu galore like Sora no Otoshimono. However, it does feature quite a bit of cleavage.  Obviously it can’t compare to the boob matrix of Saeko from HOTD, but this is the type of fanservice you should be expecting out of a “soft” show like Idolm@ster. The fact that Idolm@ster doesn’t go too overboard with its fanservice is rather pleasant. It was a good relief from the fanservice laden shows of Spring 2011 and some shows of the Summer 2011 season. Therefore, I do applaud Idolm@ster for being a bit moderated.

Okay, back to the serious relevant details. The art itself was very, very basic. The background didn’t stand out too much and it wasn’t “bad” or anything, but it didn’t seem spectacular like that of Memo-chou. However, I do like the character art. I’ve always like the way the Idolm@ster girls have been drawn, so this was a real treat for me. The character art style kind of resembled that of Ika Musume…which isn’t all that bad. It certainly was refreshing and soft on the eyes.

Kawaii fanservice. Take 2.

Anyways, what I liked about the first episode the most was the style it was done in. It was like a “documentary” type episode, where there were short segments on each character. However, unlike how the characters were introduced in Memo-chou, The Idolm@ster gives you their name in big kanji right off the bat. Although it does seem to make sense as a way for the audience to “engage” with the characters, there’s just too many girls in this show for me to remember each and every one of their Japanese names. How can they expect me to remember their names when I just got to know what they look like!

In terms of how enjoyable this show is and how much it can improve, there’s not really that much to it. Idolm@ster did start off on a better foot then Memo-chou and Mayo Chiki!, but that doesn’t mean it has the room to improve like those shows. The Idolm@ster feels in a way, a lot similar to K-ON. You know what’s going to happen to the girls and you know exactly how they’re going to do it, thus viewers need to keep in mind that Idolm@ster won’t be quite like a standard show. On an interesting side note, The Idolm@ster does start off with a bigger fanbase than most of the other shows. This is mainly due to the large otaku influence carried over by the games, so don’t be surprised when you see a lot of people discussing The Idolm@ster on the net.

So, because I still can’t come down to a verdict between either covering Mayo Chiki! or The Idolm@ster, I’m going to stall till the next episode airs, and give the readers a surprise on what show I’ll finally cover. However, I do realize the lack of content to actually write about for an Idolm@ster episodic post, thus I’m already kind of leaning towards Mayo Chiki!. Stay tuned!

P.S. We finally get to see the producer’s face. He’s not a hottie.

P.P.S. Hamzou is a hamster, not a coakroach.

If you're looking for a quick idea of what this show will be like, look no further.