The truth about dorama… #TwelveMoments #10

Welcome to the 12 Days of Anime, or the 12 Moments of the Year, or whatever the heck it’s supposed to be called. But this is actually CCY’s brainchild and the only way to celebrate the twelve chibis of Christmas!

Drama is easy. Melodorama is hard.


It’s funny that looking back that I poo poo’d the Otonashi x Kanade scene, because I thought Key actually undersold the dorama. Which is like saying that Michael Jackson went too light on the whole plastic surgery bit. Totally hard to fathom. The whole reason I hated Key doramas before was because they focused too much on the dorama and trying to suffocate the viewer. But then Angel Beats comes around, it’s funny, it’s hip, it’s fast paced, and I actually like it a lot, even though the story gets a little too Matrix Reloaded. But then we get to the big climax, the big heartstring pull scene, and it falls flat to me. The master of going over the top falls flat in my eyes.

So it got me thinking. Dorama is hard. Drama is easy. But dorama, specifically melodramatic romantic drama is hard to pull off. Which is really interesting, because anime thrives on drama. I look back at my favorite series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Gurren Lagann, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Code Geass, Baccano, etc. and all those shows are chock full of drama. But there’s very little dorama in those shows. It’s a lot easier to create a non-romantic drama, because the plot helps take away some of the weight that the characters and their chemistry need to carry. But in a romantic melodrama, the plot is mostly pointless. It’s all about the characters and their chemistry.  And maybe that’s where Otonashi and Kanade lost me. I liked their characters individually. I liked them as friends and partners in crime. But as a couple? I didn’t see them on that level. I don’t know why. Maybe I thought Otonashi was supposed to be the Kyon to Yuri’s Haruhi. Or maybe they just lacked the right chemistry I like to see in these pairings.

It’s funny, when I think of Kanade, and all I can think of is Kuroneko now.