Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 15 – I, for one, welcome our new Beatrice overlords

Geez, I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t tell if we’re getting any real clues, or the story is just meant to mess with us and throw as many random events as possible. Anyway, let’s try to put some pieces together.

Rosa and Eva makes plansEvaBeatrice likes shiny things

I’m glad to see that Rosa and Eva decided not to duel each other to the death for the gold – although that may be because neither thought they could have gotten away with it. Rosa simply asks for 150 million yen to pay off her debts, and agrees to keep quiet so Eva can figure out how to pull the rug out from under Krauss and Rudolf.

I’m surprised to see the epitaph be solved so easily. And by two people at that. Moetrice didn’t think anyone would solve the riddle. Did both Eva and Rosa pick up on the same clue to solve the epitaph? While real life Eva is much more rational with her winnings, her still-teenage apparition hasn’t quite yet accepted the benefits of sharing.

Moetrice wants a hugAll the witches

But it’s apparition Eva who Moetrice recognizes as the one who solved the epitaph and earned the right to take over as Beatrice and the Golden and Endless Witch. In her coming of age ceremony, EvaBeatrice learns that Lambdadelta has been her supporter, while Berkastel merely refrains from criticizing EvaBeatrice too severely. How long has Moetrice been around? And with the history she has with Lamda and Bernkastel, I wonder how many of these "ceremonies" she’s pretended to conduct over the years.

Battler asks about the ceremonyBattler wonders about Eva

Battler’s relying on Virgilia a little too much I think. I mean, we just learned in the last episode that whatever Moetrice shows could merely be a big special effect, so there’s no need to get flustered. However, Virgilia calms Battler down by telling him that the ceremony is a sham, and that he should think of Eva and EvaBeatrice as the same person.

Battler decides to call Moetrice BeatoMoetrice is disappointed

Moetrice notifies Battler that she’s passed her title along and is no longer Beatrice and asks him to give her a name (Moetrice). Something cute she says (Moetrice). Instead Battler denies her and decides to continue calling her Beato, which disappoints the new, friendlier, cuter, but no less vicious Endless Witch. Ronove’s constant snickering is tremendously amusing. As Moetrice’s servant, he hasn’t exactly shown her the utmost respect. I suppose he feels confident that she won’t drive a stake through his head.

Regarding the whole ceremony, I’m thinking that the whole thing was a red herring to try to confuse Battler. It was pretty successful and possibly would’ve driven him insane if he didn’t have Virgilia’s help. I wonder where that ceremony actually took place. It looks a lot like the tea room, but obviously it’s not, since that’s where Battler and Moetrice are watching from. Is there a tea room both on the game board and in the meta world?

Hideyoshi asks Maria to quiet downEva in pain

In the real world, Eva heads to her room with Hideyoshi, complaining of a headache. Unfortunately, the shrill cries of a very annoying Maria, who wants to check on her rose, brings Hideyoshi out of the room. He politely asks her to quiet down since Eva’s feeling sick, but that only drives her to launch into an even louder, more shrill, more annoying cry. Rosa quickly leads Maria into the garden to shut her up. Honestly, I felt bad for Rosa. This was probably the one time this season where I felt Maria was really deserving of a slap (except when she was making the strange gremlin faces and laughing like an asshole). Rosa and Maria encounter EvaBeatrice in the garden, while regular Eva’s condition worsens. I can’t even guess what Eva was suffering from, but her dialogue and the animation made it look like she was trying to keep from becoming possessed.

Rosa and Maria drown in jellyKilled by cake

Strangely, Maria doesn’t recognize the Eva in the garden at first, but when she transforms into EvaBeatrice, Maria instantly points her out as Beatrice. EvaBeatrice then goes to town on Eva and Maria, killing them in all sorts of sweet, confectionary ways. I don’t know what it is about becoming a witch, but apparently it turns you into a murderous psycho. Or maybe only those who are murderous psychos are qualified to be witches? Although Virgilia seems to be an outlier.

Moetrice having funMoetrice gets slapped

Moetrice cackles in amusement and asks Battler whether he’s enjoying this too. Battler responds by bitch slapping half the moe out of her.

Moetrice is offendedMoetrice wonders if she and Battler are good friends

Moetrice’s shock at Battler’s angry reaction leaves me completely confused. It’s not the first time she’s seen him angry. I knew Moetrice thought these torture scenes were an interesting show. But I never thought that she actually believed that Battler found it interesting as well. All this time when she taunted Battler, I’d always interpreted that as her wanting to see Battler crumble and be crushed. But the way she talks about Battler, it’s almost as if she thought that they were friends. On the flip side, even Battler admits that at times he thought Moetrice was fun. Really? Battler always seemed like he’d been battling Moetrice so earnestly. Sure he might’ve enjoyed the gusto of his Phoenix Wright reactions, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any evidence of him thinking Moetrice was fun. I don’t think it impacts the game, but it’s just a strange turn of events between these two. Is this really a game of life and death for battler, or is this more of an entertaining chess match?

What was also interesting about Moetrice’s reactions after getting slapped (besides seeing Ronove calling her thick headed and snickering again), was how childlike her reactions and behavior were. They weren’t the reactions of an all-powerful, psycho-killer witch, but the reactions of a little kid who realized she went too far by kicking her friend’s sandcastle down. Is this the real Moetrice? Not necessarily an insane brutal killer, but merely a showman, who’s completely oblivious to the impact of her actions?

Moetrice instructs EvaBeatriceDignified Moetrice

Stung by Battler’s criticisms, Moetrice quickly puts an end to Eva and Maria’s life – although Eva’s death wasn’t exactly the cleanest, most elegant death. Moetrice is going to need to take some killing etiquette classes. Like don’t mess with the face! Again, Maria reacts to Moetrice as if there was no difference between her or EvaBeatrice. There’s something there I think. But I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Moetrice then tells EvaBeatrice that there’s no need for all this decadence, since the conditions for the resurrection have already been fulfilled. She then educates EvaBeatrice about the need to use magic more elegantly, and calls forth Ronove and the Seven Stakes to tell them to conduct their behavior in a manner that’s fitting for servants of a Golden Witch. While EvaBeatrice isn’t happy with her fun being curtailed, I got a real kick out of seeing Moetrice fumble and struggle to explain what behaving with elegance and dignity means. Likes to laugh, likes to play games, wants to please, believes in self-improvement… if Moetrice didn’t have this bad habit of killing everyone for fun, she’d be the kind of girl I wouldn’t mind bringing home to meet the parents.

So what to make of all this? I feel like we’re not any closer to any good clues than we were last week. When you think about where we left off last episode, with Ronove preventing Moetrice from using the red text and abruptly wisking her away to restrategize. I’m thinking that most of this episode was meant to divert Battler from the main mystery. The whole thing with the ceremony, the passing on of titles, the teenaged Eva, none of it seems critical to the story. And Battler’s statement, "all six were killed by other people" still remains unanswered.

However, I’m not sure what to make of Moetrice’s reaction to being slapped. But I don’t think her reaction was disingenuous. Actually, I think it’s perhaps the most genuinely honest display of Moetrice’s feelings that we’ve seen so far. It stands in sharp contrast to the craziness we’ve come to associate her with, which makes it a little difficult to accept readily. But is this the real Moetrice?

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  1. One scene that was omitted was a part when Battler was clapping and congratulating Evatrice, not for becoming a witch but rather for overcoming her trials and achieving her dream of becoming the head. Beatrice joined in and the two had a fight over who could clap the most. Leaving out this scene sadly takes away some impact of Battler slapping her and cursing her out.

    Well, I’ve been saying this in a few places, but Maria’s death might be a hint. As Beato’s supporter and messenger girl she never died until the very end, yet this time she dies very early on because of Evatrice. Evatrice and Maria’s early death could signal a 2nd killer different from the 1st twilight killer completely. Why would the regular Beatrice kill off her supporter, as Maria said in tears that Beato promised to take her to the Golden Land.

    1. Hmm, that would’ve been an interesting scene. Did that occur before or after Battler learned that the ceremony was a sham? So Battler accepted EvaBeatrice as a real being?

      I wish there was a clue I could derive from Maria’s death, but I can’t seem to figure it out. We do see that Moetrice is the one to kill Maria in this case, not necessarily EvaBeatrice though. I assume Maria and Rosa’s deaths fulfill the 7th and 8th twilights, but would that prevent either of them from going to the Golden Land?

      1. It’s not that he accepted Evatrice as real. He was just applauding for Eva because she solved the riddle and is the new head now according to it. It has nothing to do with Evatrice.

        No, Maria and Rosa are the 2nd twilight. But as you see Beatrice killed Maria in a very gentle way (well gentle compared to most of her deaths) and if she had the choice she probably would never kill her. To get to the Golden Land you need to make it to the 10th twilight, which Maria did in EP 1 and 2. This time, ignoring Evatrice, for some reason she died on the 2nd twilight. It’s odd.

        1. Oh ok. Eva, not EvaBeatrice. That makes sense.

          Ah, that’s right, Rosa and Maria are the 2nd twilight. My fault, I was thinking the 6th servants deaths covered twilights 1-6, but I forgot that the 1st twilight encompasses all of those deaths. Maria did make it to the 10th twilight in the first two arcs, but she ends up being beheaded and served on a plate to Rosa. Any thoughts about the brutality there? I assume Maria was fated for the Golden Land by that point, but that event makes me wonder about how much empathy Moetrice has for Maria.

          1. As far as the ‘head on plate’ that was really an addition DEEN made. Originally she was about to be baked into pie, while in the anime she already was. We don’t know why Moetrice did those things though, but it’s speculated she did it so she could fire Battler up to get back into the game. After all, she has to alleviate her boredom somehow and ending the game so early wouldn’t help that 😛

  2. I can’t help noticing that Beatrice (or rather, Beato) had a drastic change of heart *after* she transferred her titles to Eva. Maybe there’s something about the powers of the Golden / Endless Witch that induces acts of cruelty.

    1. I don’t know about that. Because if you remember, Moetrice was pretty darn catty even after transferring her title, what with the taunting of Battler. I’d say it was the slap that changed everything. Not to mention, Virgilia appeared to be not cruel when she was the original Golden/Endless Witch.

  3. For whatever reason, I got a huge kick out of teen!Eva going “YEAH MONEY WOOOOOOOOOOOOO” after Eva is all Serious Business with Rosa. That shit is hilarious.

    I can’t help but think Evatrice is supposed to be a distraction, too. The very fact that Beatrice seems to go onto the game board when it is made explicitly clear that the people in the room cannot directly affect what happens on the board is a huge red flag for me.

    1. You do bring up a good point, but hasn’t Moetrice always gone back and forth between the game board and the meta world? I’m thinking of her battle with Virgilia, as well as the chess game/Kinzo/Battler slaughter in the 2nd arc.

      1. I always thought that the Beatrice on the game board was different than the Beatrice talking to Battler in the meta world (same with Virgilia and Ronove). Then again, she IS supposed to be “dead” this arc, isn’t she? Well, now I am more confused!

        1. Let’s think back. In arc 1, the only appearance Moetrice makes on the game board is to meet with Maria. In arc 2, there’s a Moetrice staying as a house-guest, as well as the Moetrice from the meta-world. In both arcs there seems to be a clear distinction between the two versions of Moetrice. We also learn in the 2nd arc that while meta-Battler can’t control game board Battler, he can influence him (albeit maybe not directly)

          But in this arc, a version of game board Moetrice dies when she falls off a cliff. But then somehow game board Moetrice returns to kill the servants, kill Virgilia and wisk EvaBeatrice off to potentially another meta-world to hand over her title. But game board Moetrice already died, right? Could there be another game board Moetrice, or could this be the same as the meta-Moetrice?

          Later, game board Moetrice tells EvaBeatrice to cool off with the showiness, and kills Maria and Rosa. This Moetrice is probably the same as the one that killed the servants and Virgilia. But we still can’t be sure if this game board Moetrice is the same as the meta-Moetrice or another version of game-board Moetrice. Based on the way game board Moetrice has gone about killing people, I think even if meta-Moetrice can’t directly control game board Moetrice, there’s definitely a strong link between the two.

          Argh, did I confuse that further? 😉

  4. I still think there’s probably more to Beato’s sudden change. I mean, we all thought she was some bitch, but all of a sudden shows a soft side.

    I’m gonna make a bet that her behavior here is a troll.

  5. It has been bothering me since I watched this episode why are they switching the story to Eva now instead of Beatrice. Battler still hasn’t asked for Beatrice’s answer from last episode. Has he already forgotten? This may be the plan that Beatrice and Ronove came up with to throw Battler off course. Something like this isn’t about me now. It’s about Eva now. Fishy.

    I don’t know. After seeing all of this Beatrice reminds me of a twisted version of Horo. oh, the slap was Battler’s tsundere way of celebrating moe’s day. You all saw the cake, didn’t you? They were clearly rehearsing. 👿

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