Usagi Drop, episode 6: Building a family one generation at a time

Another great episode of Usagi Drop. How would you rate it so far? Is it a great show? Is it a better show than even we think? Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing it a disservice.

A generation of leaves

I love Usagi Drop. Daikichi’s simple but profound reflection of how Rin has already, for longer than he’s known, been a part of his generational family, was really one of the most unassumingly warm and heartwarming scenes I’ve seen in anime. But at the same time, this is Usagi Drop. A simple story about a parent and a child. It doesn’t have crazy twists, it doesn’t have over the top action or animation, there’s no psychological, mindbending aspect to it, it’s not a tearjerker, nor a romantic classic. Claiming Usagi Drop is a top 10 anime isn’t going to endear you to the elitist crowd, the mecha crowd, the horror crowd, the moe crowd, the shipper crowd… but the more I see of this show, the more I feel its understated greatness.

Oh, I love CEREAL brand cereal too!

When do kids become sentient? When do they become their own people? And how do they become how they become? I’ve always wondered about this. I mean, when kids are born, they know nothing. I’m sure every parents has thought “hey, we’ll just brainwash him to always listen to what we say and never behave badly!” And then reality hits, and all those brainwashing sessions go for naught the first time you turn the TV on and the kid sees some zany commercial for the latest, greatest toy or cereal. At what point does cereal become enticing for basically every kid out there? It’s not like they try it and want it, eventually they hit a point and they just want it. Like Rin, they wander off on their own and find themselves in front of the sugar aisle. Blows my mind really.

Practice whistle blowing!? We're talking about practice!

It’s remarkable how young Daikichi looked so similar to current Kouki. Having read the manga, I never was a big fan of Kouki. He has a good heart, and ultimately makes the right decisions, but he’s such a stark contrast to Rin’s model behavior. But he’s more tolerable as a side character, and I hope the anime continues to keep him on the periphery and continues to focus on Daikichi and Rin. They’ve done a good job of it so far.

So much for manga Carmen San Diego

There’s one part about the scene in which Masako guides Daikichi to Rin’s tree that I wished the anime hadn’t left out.



Daikichi’s observation is a small, subtle thing, but something that helped me understand more about Masako and really how much of an outsider she really was. When Rin was at Souichiro’s, she wasn’t a part of Masko’s life. There’s such a distinct break there. And you would think that having been Souichiro’s maid, she would’ve had no problem visualizing the street from the inside, but the way Masako orients her map, it makes it seem as if she was always intruding on Rin.


Is it coincidence that Rin and Daikichi’s trees were the same kind, or just a marvelous twist of fate? I don’t have anything insightful to say about this scene, but just hearing Daikichi’s internal monologue and memories left me speechless. I mentioned it before, but there’s so much warmth between the characters that it’s quite stunning to see. It leaves me with the same fuzzy feeling like watching Aria did.