Yumekui Merry, episode 6: Big Pimpin’ ~nyaa

Little bit of an odd episode here, as I’m not sure John Doe’s sudden Oracle-ness turn makes sense considering his history of attacking Yumeji, but let’s run with it.


After being saved by Yumeji (and seeing how easily Merry shook off those swords surrounding her, I’m thinking she probably wasn’t in that much danger to begin with), Merry turns her attention to a shellshocked Engi Threepiece. I love how in shounens, whenever the hero takes a big hit, or whenever someone they liked gets attacked, they always rise up like a drunk zombie: head down, eyes forlorn, arms and body swaying side to side. Not unlike Jackie Chan in Drunken Master, except the shounen heroes look a little crazier, a little more unhinged. It’s as if they’re weighing whether or not to go over to the dark side.


Merry’s anger awakens a new power within her – the miniature keyblade. And with Engi eagerly revealing her secret power source (the moon), Merry makes short work of her, destroying her swords, smashing the moon, and then returning them to reality.


Power-up mode leaves Merry perplexed with how she got her powers, but she’s quickly relieved when Yumeji’s mortal wound seems to be healed back in the real world. So unlike Nightmare on Elm Street, it’s looking like Yumeji can skate the dream world injuries without a scratch. Meanwhile, Engi also is confused with what just occurred – although she should be pleased that she didn’t get tossed into oblivion by Dark Merry, but Engi and Yui’s conversation is cut short when Yui’s nosy friend arrives to learn that Yui didn’t take the descent into womanhood.


And then things get weird as Yumeji arrives back home and succumbs to a deep sleep from his injury. No physical marks, but apparently the dream slash caused a severe ‘spirit’ wound. Merry stays by Yumeji’s side, blaming herself and dropping huge moe tears, but Yumeji finds himself in a dreamworld with his old nemesis, Cat John Doe. I assume this dream world was a different dream world from the norm, as Merry makes no appearances.


The conversation with a surprisingly civil John Doe (except for his Patriot Act inspired surveillance activities) is interesting, enlightening and also confusing. Let’s start with the enlightening. Basically, John Doe tells Yumeji that he’s neither a friend or an enemy, but rather an "ally of truth." Apparently, Pharoth Elcreth will be the big bad. He plays the Satan role of the dreamworld, opening a hole to reality, with his power and presence persuading many dreamworld angels to follow him into the dreamworld. John Doe was one of those. Although he’s no longer a follower. Meanwhile, it seems Merry was an aberration. Not a follower, but a dream demon who got tangled up in the events and somehow landed in the real world without a vessel. Doe also tells Yumeji that the number of dream demons crossing over and taking vessel is increasing.


We get confirmation of this back in reality as Isana and friends talk about a strange phenomena called "dream loss" in which people lose all ambitions and become walking zombies – including Isana’s favorite idol, as well as our old friend zombie Yumi.


Let’s jump back to John Doe and the interesting. And by interesting, I mean I’ll take the shy, DFC ~nyaa-urse please. John Doe, who apparently also works as a pimp, brings forth some cat nurses to tend to Yumeji’s spirit wounds. Which then leads to the confusing… I’m pretty sure John Doe wasn’t chasing Yumeji before to reveal all the secrets about Elcreth. I’m also pretty sure he didn’t engage in a tete-a-tete with Merry unnecessarily either. So Doe’s new role as Oracle is a bit confusing and hard to figure. But before Yumeji ever gets around to asking why Doe couldn’t just have chatted with him over a cup of coffee in a cat café, Doe tells Yumeji of a mid-boss named Mistilteinn Treesea who’s descended to reality and who’s power rivals the ridiculousness of his name. From now on, I’m referring to him as MistleTree.


All healed, Yumeji wakes up to an insistent glomping from Merry.

So, I’m going to wait to see if the plot actually makes sense, I watched Doe’s monologue a couple times and although his story about Elcreth made sense, I still don’t get what "truth" he claims to be an ally of. But one of the things that the episode did well, especially in the second half is raising the suspicions of just about everyone around Yumeji. We already know Chizuru’s possessed. By Elcreth or by MistleTree though? She doesn’t seem to be fond of Iijima-sensei, who himself is likely to be possessed. And the creepy, soulless way Yumeji’s friend Taketeru (aka DVD boy) was talking, I think he seems possessed too. The only safe one seems to be Isana… for now that is.