Yumekui Merry First Impressions

I admit I don’t know much about Touhou or the Touhou look, but I’ve seen several comments comparing Merry’s look to the Touhou look… in which case I have to say I really dig the Touhou look.

Hey! Eyes up here!

Merry is a midriff a magical girl that apparently fell out of a dream world and likely will now team up with the standard JC Staff inoffensive male lead, Yumeji, to help battle the evil Fuzetsu unleashing Cat army. I’ll let you digest that for a second.

Magical girls always fly out of nowhere to land right on the crotch

Merry’s apparent Touhou-ness aside, everyone on the show has that typically attractive, JC Staff sharp angle look. But the art shines a lot more when it’s set against the dreamworld, which in contrast to the sharp, bright foreground characters, has a darker, more gritty look to it. On the downside, I was disappointed by how poor the fight scenes were, the close-up angles gave the fight no flow and made it impossible to see anything.

Story-wise, I think Otou-san’s Shakugan no Shana comparisons are pretty right on. The premise isn’t quite as dark, but supernatural fighting girl, in-between fighting world, average male with a unique power… you can check off similar checkboxes. It’s not quite as interesting as Shana, but it’s not as boring as say, an Index episode. I’m sort of at a loss for words, because I can’t really remember anything about the show except seeing closeups of Merry’s hot midriff several times. You can tell she works out.

I guess I’ll just say, Yumekui Merry has set up a fairly interesting world, whether or not the show will be any good will depend on how it unfolds in the next couple episodes. If it turns into the typical JC Staff supernatural slice of life, I think I’ll pass on it, having sat through Shana, Index and Railgun, but if they go down the more darker route with more action and battles, it could turn out to be a nice sleeper hit.